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How I Met Your Father: the one where I was ready to make some changes

Kids, in life, only three things are certain: death, taxes and change…

Problem was, I HATED change. Even for a water sign and as someone whose day job required a certain level of flexibility, I hated it.

Five months in lock down and a despairing sense that everyone’s lives were still moving along except mine, I realised I needed shit to change and fast.

It was time to put my big girl panties on and do something:

Image caption: Quickmeme.com

My Year of Yes plans for 2020 had included getting a new job, working remotely in Bali or Mexico ( those were replaced by my apartment but them’s apples!), taking care of my emotional and physical health and trying new things.

With five months left until the end of the year, there was still time to do some of those things. I was reminded of this platitude:

Image credit: BrainyQuote.com