How I Met Your Father : Mr Overeager Part 3


Kids, I’d pressed pause on finding your Dad in 2017 and thought that dealing with too-keen Lothario wanna-bes was a thing of the past… Sigh.. Turns out that men in real life are just as thirsty and not ashamed to say it. Meet Mr Overeager 3. December 2017… I met up with your Auntie Cynthia […]

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How I Met Your Father: The One with the Psychic and the Pastor

After doing a quick analysis of my personality and getting a reading on my desires, telling me I should pray for the things I wanted, he gave me the following prediction:
“You will meet your future husband and father of your six children when you are 30. He will be a God-fearing man, perhaps a pastor, and you will raise your children in a loving home.”

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