How I Met Your Father: The One with The Bumble Stumbler

Kids, in the Autumn of 2019 I had promised your Spirit Mom Leo that I would get my beautiful ass off of Tinder and focus on IRL (in real life) dating. But… What I didn’t tell her was that I was still on Bumble. I know: I knew she was going to kick my ass […]

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How I Met Your Father: Stuck between shady photos and too soon I love yous

Kids, in January 2018, I was back on the online dating grind… even though the 2020 deadline of having you had nothing to do with finding your father, I still had to get back out there sometime or other, right? Sigh… For this new foray into the murky online waters, I turned to Tinder, thinking […]

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Ms Lilu’s Single Thoughts: Beauty is in the eye of the female beholder

marilyn monroe curves

I came across a Facebook page recently and watched a video on opinions not changing the world. As the narrator was speaking I thought of the dynamic between women and how the opinions by men have changed our world. I am not a feminazi or pushing a pro female anti male agenda, I would just […]

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commitment phobe cape town

Him: “I like you but…. I don’t want a relationship for the next 5 years” Me: “Then why did you ask me out when I told you I am a relationship girl, you dumb shit!” Let me tell you a little story about someone I met after Dr Douchebag. This one just so happens to […]

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Ms Lilu’s Single Thoughts: Paging Dr Douchebag

You know, I am sitting here at my desk as I do on a regular basis because, mamacita got a day job and there ain’t no sugar daddy in sight, which got me thinking about a certain someone that made me become more aware of the weird way in which some men operate. I say […]

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How I Met Your Father: Tales from fellow singleton, Ms Lilu

Hey, Faz’s kids., it’s your aunt Lee-Anne here. This, Guys and Girls , is my first forage in to the world of blogging about my life ’cause this shit is real and somebody has to hear about it…. The voices in my head can only do so much before they start turning on one another. […]

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