How I Met Your Father: the one where I got catfished


Kids, in the winter of 2017, I was dipping my toe back into the online dating pool after the disastrous ankle-interruptus incident when I “e-met” haagen_dazsmania on OkCupid. From his profile photo, he looked like a South African version of the red headed Montague cousin in Romeo& Juliet: Red heads weren’t my usual type, unless […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one with rude online daters

don't disrespect me like that

Kids, you remember The Oversharer 2, right? Mr I have no confidence, I am broke and I still live at home with my mommy and daddy? Well, in the winter of 2017, he also became a rude online dater which provoked my inner Daenerys Targaryen. He made me so angry I wanted to burn down […]

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How I Met Your Father: Avoiding the non-date trap

Kids, as hard as I tried to avoid it, sometimes I unknowingly fell into the non-date trap and each time, I swore it would be the goddamn last! Gather around and let me tell you about the loser who wasted my time in 2017… March 2017: Mr Church Spin Doctor was a 31-year-old good-looking guy, […]

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How I Met Your Father in Print Media with Molo Magazine

Kids,every so often online news agencies and magazines picked up on my never-ending hilarious tales to you. In February 2017, your aunt Nadia convinced me to share some of my horror dating stories with her. Here’s my Molo magazine feature: Molo-February-2017_final  

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How I Met Your Father: The Oversharer 2

Kids, coming back from New York in January 2017 was a hard and difficult task but I was determined to live each day of the New Year with brazen boldness and that principle needed to be applied to my dating life too. So, and it was with great reluctance, I dived back into the online […]

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