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How I Met Your Father: The One With The Weird #LOCKDOWNSA dreams

“Come, my love. Sit down and have this cup of tea I’ve made for you before we go to bed”, said Jason Momoa, my super hot husband and father of the two gorgeous children we’d spent the day playing with…

Image credit: Giphy

And then I woke up to the biting cold of a winter’s morning in the midst of South Africa’s national lock down. That’s right, my anxiety-ridden, over tired brain and subconscious were conspiring to give me a much-needed break from the #COVID19 reality and blessed me with this hunk as my dream life partner.

Image credit: Giphy

The dream had started off with me going at it in an all out Twitter war with Paul Rudd, who’d taken our DMs and made them public, declaring me public enemy number one. I kept replying with “Dude, I’ve loved you since Romeo+Juliet!”

Image credit: Gifer

Then, Robert Downey Jr came to my defence, taking on Paul, and fighting for my honour.

Eventually, I ended up with Jason.

Basically, I’d fought with Ant Man, got rescued by Iron Man and married and had beautiful babies with Aquaman.

As alternative life dreams go, this was a SUPER one 😉