How I Met Your Father: 3 dating resolutions for 2019

Kids, in January 2019, I was about 13 months away from having you and I realised that while 2018 had been a year of learning and growing dating-wise, I had no time to f*** around anymore and I had to get serious about finding your Dad. I knew he wasn’t going to just drop out […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one with the needy Italian

needy men

Kids, sometimes when my ego was bruised by a date, like when the Boston man child walked out on me, I would seek validation by running into the arms of another unsuitable candidate… such was the case with the Needy Italian. August 2018… Mike had literally just walked out of the door when your aunties […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one where I realise I am too old for this dating s***

Kids, in 2018, I was starting to feel once again like Danny Glover about dating: See, I’d struck up a conversation with Mathys (31) on Tinder, which moved to Whatsapp and every single one of his texts were filled with abbreviations and sms speak… and you guys know my thoughts on this particular language: One […]

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commitment phobe cape town

Him: “I like you but…. I don’t want a relationship for the next 5 years” Me: “Then why did you ask me out when I told you I am a relationship girl, you dumb shit!” Let me tell you a little story about someone I met after Dr Douchebag. This one just so happens to […]

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