How I Met Your Father: The One Where I Remembered to Live a Little

Kids, I know it’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I’m sorry. The truth is your momma has been grieving and trying to remember how to live a little. Which, in July 2021, is still confusing as fuck. The great news is I got vaccinated: The other great news is that my freelance writing business […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one where i said yes and got s*** done!

7 September 2020, sometime in the middle of the godforsaken night… “Oh God, I am never going to be able to leave this bed and walk again. I’ve been put on unpaid sick leave, my boss hates me and I am never going to walk again. I’ll never be able to finally resign and say […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one with the year of yes!

Kids, in the Year 2020 of the Old Gods and New, I made a promise to myself to live a fearless, unapologetic Year of Yes. 2019 had seen me shed many tears over people and things unworthy of my awesome self but I was determined to live my best life, ahead of having you. That […]

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How I Met Your Father: The One with the FINAL Game of Thrones premiere EVER!

game of thrones cape town

Kids, the night was dark and full of unexpected pleasures as your Spirit Mom Leonie and I made our way to M-Net’s final Game of Thrones premiere, held at Nu Metro Canal Walk on Monday 15 April 2019. While Leo frightened the hell out of Capetonian streetwalkers and petrol garage attendants, dressed incredibly as the […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one with the train trip to Elgin

elgin railway market

Kids, 2019 was my Year of Yes – I was saying yes to new adventures, new places, new people and new experiences. I’d been wanting to try the Ceres Railway train to the Elgin Market and when your Uncle Moenier said he was keen to do it too, we booked tickets for the experience of […]

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How I Met Your Father: The One where we found magic in New York

Kids, in 2018, your Spirit Mom Leo and I took that much anticipated Girls’Trip to New York and it was magical… No, literally. Everything we did, without actually intending for it to be that way, ended up with a magical twist. We started Magic Day (and Halloween) on 31 October with a visit to Fantasma […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one where I went to Comic Con Africa

Kids, there comes a time in every superheroine’s life when she needs to step things up, to soar into an unknown stratosphere. For me, it was attending the very first Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg on Friday 14 September 2018. I could wax lyrical for ages and ages about my experience but let me rather […]

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How I Met Your Father: the one with the Zombie Walk Cape Town 2017

Kids, as you know Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday of the year… not least of all because it is when the undead rise in the Mother City for the annual Zombie Walk Cape Town event! My zombie personality had been everything from a cheerleader to a nurse to a bride so what to go […]

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How I Met Your Father: CT Girl in Argentina

tango argentina

Kids, in September 2017,my wandering heart (and very busy working body – wait… not like THAT!) found its way to the sensual and vibrant Buenos Aires, Argentina. Resting place of Evita, home to the empanada, the Japanese Botanical Garden and… tango! As I mentioned before, this was a business trip so there wasn’t much time […]

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