How I Met Your Father: the one with the Voting Day meet-cute

He leaned in closely, peering from his spot in front of me, at the cover of my book, and I held my breath…

“Is it as good as the YOU series on Netflix?”, he asked, eyebrow raised, staring deep into my eyes to gauge my response because yes, this was still in the middle of the pandemic and face masks were still making it hard to read expressions.

I smiled and crinkled my eyes, surprised by his interest and prepared for a great conversation...

And, that, Kids, is how my Voting Day meet-cute started.

Ordinarily, I would have been super pissed that someone had not decoded the universal “leave me the fuck alone” message that me reading a book would indicate or be adhering to the social distancing requirements but Voter Guy had shown initiative and displayed having at least some sense of decent viewing habits. So, I sighed internally, closed the book, took this as my civic duty to engage with humans craving interaction post-long lockdown, and chatted to him.

Sure, YOU is about a stalker who, well, stalks the object of his obsession until she dates him, stalks her even more and then … look, just read the book or watch the series (and don’t listen to your dad when he says this was my MO. “Actively finding” him at the Mount Nelson was meant to be!).

I didn’t pick up any stalker vibes from Voter Guy, and to be honest, 10 seconds in, I realised he was more likely to be the Jack to my Karen than your father or my future murderer so we were good to go.

Image credit: Giphy

Ten minutes of exchanging recent series reviews, ascertaining where our preferences overlapped and polite laughing helped the voters’ queues feel bearable and you know what, I actually enjoyed myself.

With all of the online dating exchanges that seemed to go nowhere, it was nice to be reminded that I was entirely capable of having a conversation with a man in real life (even if we weren’t each other’s type).

Next time an eligible bachelor took an interest in my reading habits, I would definitely be looking up. NEXT!

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