How I Met Your Father: the magic of not giving a f***

Kids, in August 2021, as I celebrated the one year anniversary of my ankle injury and how it inspired me to change my life, I was finding myself yet again overwhelmed by just life in general.

I realised it’s because I gave too many fucks about what people think and I was trying to hard to make everyone else happy at my own expense. This was not cool.

I guess some of it had to do with the fact that 18 months in, I was experiencing pandemic fatigue. I missed aspects of my pre-lockdown life, the freedom to travel and get out of the fishbowl that was Cape Town with its endless amount of people judging me for shit they had no right to or making demands on my time (attend large gatherings in the midst of COVID, are you fucking kidding me?)

Having read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson and loving it in 2019, I felt it was time for a visual lesson on it all. Thank the Gods, old and new for Sarah Knight and her incredible TedTalk:

From that point on, I would be incredibly stingy with my fuck bucks and damn, was it fucking liberating!

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