How I Met Your Father: The One Where I Remembered to Live a Little

Kids, I know it’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I’m sorry.

The truth is your momma has been grieving and trying to remember how to live a little. Which, in July 2021, is still confusing as fuck.

The great news is I got vaccinated:

The other great news is that my freelance writing business was taking off and I finally got the fuck out of Cape Town for a business trip, for the first time in nearly two years. You guys know that I often need to escape the fishbowl that is the Mother City to avoid the small mindset of nosy assholes about the state of my womb ( I swear, if one more goddamn person asked “no babies yet?”, I couldn’t be held responsible for my inner Dexter’s bloody inclinations):

Image credit: Giphy

As I sit here,writing this in an airport lounge, I really have no idea of what lies ahead for me, how the fuck I am going to meet your father or how much more of this “new normal” I can stand. What I do know is that I absolutely adore seeing your beautiful faces in my dreams. I’m coming, babies, just hang on for me, ok?



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