How I Met Your Father: the one where I blocked antivirus believers

Kids, in general, online dating was a fuck show but in 2021, when faced with a Bumble chatter who steadfastly refused to believe that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic was real, who thought that South Africa’s adjusted Level 3 lockdown was stupid and who didn’t a fuck about my safety but was desperate for a hook-up, I was fucking livid!

Nicola, a Belgian who’d been living and working in Cape Town for two years, genuinely did not give a shit about the virus and when I took him to task about his bullshit attitude, he had the audacity to say:

“It’s all a set up. No problem. See you in another life, Love.”


With some loved ones on ventilators, others fighting the virus at home and your Nan risking her life to take care of patients at work, I did not having fucking time for stupid as fuck assholes like Nicola.

You know what happened next:

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