How I Met Your Father: the one with the creepy old guys pt 2

Kids, in the winter of 2019, I was confronted with the skin-crawling, gag-inducing specimen of men: the creepy old guy.

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There I was,shaking what your Nan gave me at a friend’s birthday house party to my ultimate favourite jam…

…when I hear this old guy, and I am talking walking with a walking stick old, calls out to me from behind the wooden security gate:

“Lekker girl! Skud daai lyf ( Nice, girl. Shake that booty!)”

I immediately stopped and walked into the house as this lecherous creep joined the party.

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Of course, Geriatric McCreepy waited until I returned to the party area to further his molestation cause with this line:

“What’s your name? Fazielah? Fazielah, ek will net sê…. Jy is fokken sexy, hor! ( I just wanted to say … you’re fucking sexy!)”

I think I threw up in my mouth a little because ewwww but also:

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I hate that I didn’t tell this man to f*** right off or call my female friends out on not doing anything to stop him when clearly I was so f***ing uncomfortable.

Old, horny men like him are allowed to get away with their despicable behaviour because the community brushes it away with the ol’ “he is from another era and that’s how they talk to women” excuse.

Uhm, no…

Image credit: Giphy

I didn’t say anything and gave him a wide berth until he left of his own accord but I vowed to myself that this shit would end with me.

I did not want you guys growing up in a society that perpetuated the cycle of molestation and unwanted advances. From then on, I’d raise my voice and objections to being objectified!

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