How I Met Your Father: the one with the indecent Valentine’s Day text

Kids, Valentine’s Day tends to bring out the downright nasty in Tinder daters. As the great Dothraki would say:

In 2019, things were no different.

David and I had swiped right on each other, prompting what I assumed would be a mutually respectful exchange.

I was wrong. SO wrong.

My grandfather passed notes to my grandmother via the factory secretary at the company they worked at in the 60s to let her know he was interested. My Dad wrote my Mom “we’re going to have beautiful babies” messages in cute cards in the 80s.

What did my wanna-be suitor write to me as his first message? This:

You guys can guess what I did next, right?

As the wise Ariana Grande once sang:

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2 thoughts on “How I Met Your Father: the one with the indecent Valentine’s Day text

  1. I was browsing through a magic forum and there was this post about him from 7-8 years ago.. and curiously tracked him…up to your blog.. I dont know if he’s done illegal stuff or bad things but one thing is for sure, he has an outlandish way if you can say it like that when getting to know girls (and it was towards young girls on youtube before). It was like that 8 years ago and he has not improved unfortunately (although I do sincerely hope he’s not into young girls anymore). 😦 …If you wanna read more about him its on magiciansthegatherings forum..


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