How I Met Your Father: 8 things I learnt about dating and myself in 2015

8 things I learnt about dating

Kids, you’ve been listening to all of my crazy stories about dating and the journey that lead to meeting your father and we are going to continue that for sure but way back in 2015, as the year winded down to a close, I was reflective about some of the insane experiences I had.

From the embarrassing Bridget Jonesesque capers to being badly burnt by work romances and the online dating mishaps to the awkward stalkers, it had been 12 months of what the f*** moments.

Here are 10 things I learnt about dating and myself in 2015:

  1. Sometimes, it’s really not me, it’s you…Remember the Prince of Egypt who wanted to take me home to Mom as soon as he’d met me and  Lonely Emo, who was crazy in love with me one moment and accusing me of robbing him the next? Yeah, not boyfriend material, let alone up to baby daddy standard.
  2. Rejection is a bitch but totally surmountable…Ah, dear Mr Instinctual Convergence, if it wasn’t for you, I’d never have learnt how to fully embrace the “F*** it! Next!” lifestyle. Life is too short to mope about the guy who doesn’t want to get all up in my awesome Wyrdness.
  3. Sometimes, rejecting others was a necessity…From the stalkers who were dangerously close to getting a restraining order issued to their creepy asses to the indecent proposals and corny one liners, I quickly learnt how to say thanks, but hell no!
  4. Being a bad girl every now and again is good for the soul…Flirting with random strangers and kissing international hotties once in a while did me the world of good. If nothing else, it reminded me that I was young, attractive and perfectly capable of finding The One or The One Right Now when necessary.
  5. Having friends who believe in you and your cause is important…I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up on the whole dating thing ,especially after yet another creepy speed date event or oversharing cyber mate but your Spirit Mother and Uncle T were always right there to talk some sense into my defeatist head with their inspirational stories and loving support.
  6. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely …One of the key lessons I’d learnt in 2015 was that being alone and being comfortable with it was ok. Having quality me-time was an important part of figuring out who I was and what I wanted in a future partner. I’m so glad I figured that out …FINALLY!
  7. I can ignore idiotic jibes about my singleton status …Those relatives and strangers who think they have the right to comment on my singledom with their cruel remarks? F**k them, they’re not the boss of me! They’re just jealous of my awesomeness anyway!
  8. Turning 30 wasn’t the end of the world …I’d freaked out a lot in the lead up to my 30th, convinced that I would never get over a broken heart, meet your father and have you. The fact that you’re here, listening to my wacky tales means I managed to chill the f*** out and go with the flow. Dating in my 30s turned out to be a lot less stressful and tons of fun.

Kids, I was so close to meeting your dad and finally having you, I could almost taste it but I was no longer super stressed about it. I somehow knew that 2016 would be a good, amazing year of destined meetings just waiting to happen.

We’ll pick up the How I Met Your Father adventures on Tuesday 5 January, 2016.

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