How I Met Your Father: the one with the Darling Summer Beer Festival experience!

Kids, at times when the search for your father seemed to come to a complete stand still, it was good to get out of Cape Town and have some fun (and go where there was sure to be hot, single men …we hoped!). Luckily for your god mom Marisa and I, we were invited to the ultra-cool, must-do Darling Summer Beer Festival on Saturday 3 December, 2016.


Co-hosted by the local brewery Darling Brew and Darling Tourism  , this fun day out in the gorgeous dorpie (little town) featured stalls by local cider, beer and foodie producers (Riot Brewery, Savage Brewery, Flagship Brewery, Mountain Brewing Company and Everson’s Cider& Decider) and live music from up and coming bands like Red Tape Riot, Jimm Harisson Project & Stone Jets.

I lost my foodie heart to the Flying Pig, who conjured up such a magical Cuban sandwich, I kept dreaming about it for days after the event.

Our eclectic mix of Igers was transported to the Festival in a super rad Nomad Tours truck and let me tell you, it’s a driving experience unlike any other I have ever had.

I’ll readily admit that I wasn’t much of a craft beer drinker before the Festival ( the last time I had chugged down some ale was when I was trying to impress Monroe on a night out …and we all know how well that turned out –NOT!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the Gypsy Mask and the Midnight Hawk brews.

One of the stalls at the market made a mean beer-infused ice cream that was easily my favourite item of the day!

These are some of our tasty memories of the Festival:

#CTgirlinDarling …heading out to the #DSBF16 with @marisahendricks 😎

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Cheers to you ,@darlingbrew 😎 #CTgirlinDarling #DSBF16

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Toasting the excellence of @darlingbrew with beauties Carmen Lerm and @marisahendricks at @darlingbrew for the #DSBF16 😍

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The rocking vibe with a live band at @darlingbrew 's #DSBF16 😎

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Darling Brew was known for hosting a variety of cool events throughout the year and I was sure to make return trips to this cool spot!


How I Met Your Father: the one where I banished He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named from my life and heart

Kids, in the Spring of 2016, I felt a lot like Kate Winslet’s Iris in one of my all-time favourite movies, The Holiday …I was once again hurting like someone had tortured me for hours in the pits of Hell because the object of my unrequited love had been a complete and utter f***er!

See, after years of knowing me and after I had sent him a personal, secret birthday message on his special day, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named neglected to wish me on mine.

“Mom, you can’t expect everyone to remember your birthday every year!”, I hear you say, but, my loves, this is the same self-centred jackass who regularly stalked my social media feeds, liked posts and shared them and could quote things I’d said or done which he shouldn’t know about, on a regular basis.

And that was besides the stalking -in-person; standing on corners of streets watching me or sneaking up behind me at events and getting so far up into my personal space, it was indecent;that he did too.

I was hurt AF but still, wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt until…

We ran into each other at an event a few days later where, not only did he brush my birthday and his non-wishes aside, he couldn’t be arsed to congratulate me on a big career achievement properly and was quite mean about it too.

As he stood there, droning on about some unimportant thing, trying to engage me in conversation, I saw him clearly for the first time in a very, very long time.

Image credit:

Underneath the gorgeous face I had devoured with my eyes a million times over the years, aching to run my fingers over his handsome features, lied the true face of a narcissistic, cruel, sadistic jackass who knowingly and willing toyed with my heart and emotions for his own f***ed up pleasure.

My heart broke a little, thinking that it couldn’t be possible that someone I loved and cared for so deeply could be so incredibly cruel…not after I had spent so long, and especially the past year, supporting him, praising him and making him feel good.

In the past, if I so much as said a bad word to him, I couldn’t stand the hurt look on his face and I’d want to fix it immediately. So, how, HOW could he inflict pain on me so carelessly?!

Image credit:
Image credit:

When silence crept up on us this time, it wasn’t because we were lost in the bubble of each other – it’s because I had nothing to say to someone who was only looking for a fan club and was stealing my joy.

For years, I’d been going around thinking and telling friends how amazing he was, how talented, how sweet, how special … but actually, I was all of those things and he was denying me the right to be them.

I could tell that he knew the exact moment I fell out of love with him  completely… he could see it in my eyes and the way he wasn’t having an effect on me as he’d had before.

Like Iris in The Holiday, I was miraculously cured:

Heartbreak and surviving it was by no means easy but as your aunt Lutfia often said to me, it takes a certain amount of bravery to fall in and out love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate and realise that you deserve so much more.

F*** it, NEXT!

How I Met Your Father: Reflections on 20 years without my Dad


“I hear babies crying, I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world” – Louis Armstrong

Kids, I really hate the date 23 November. It’s the date in 2015 when we were told your great-grandfather was dying and it’s the date in 1996 when we lost your grandfather, my Dad, to a violent and senseless crime.

That this date is exactly a week after my birthday on 16 November, is something I have been haunted by for decades. It seems like a lifetime ago when one week my family and friends were gathered around one table celebrating my birth and the next, those same people were crying around a body.

It’s why I make a huge fuss about my birthday each year – I need to be surrounded by love and happiness because the next week, I won’t be.

On the 23rd,   I withdraw from everything and everyone and I don’t usually talk about my Dad because even after all this time, the loss of him is equally painful and liberating. I know you won’t understand that, because you’ve never met him but Dad and I had a complex relationship. We still do.

It sounds clichéd, having Daddy issues, but my father was a force like no other. Fun-loving, daring, loving, passionate, creative and my all-time hero; Faizel Williams also had a very dark, frightening side I was often exposed to. I loved both parts of him in equal measures but I would be lying if I said it didn’t have an effect on how I engage with people, especially men, as an adult.

Eleven is a really young age to have to deal with grief – hell, your aunt Sam was eight – and a loss like that leaves an undeniable mark on your psyche, your soul and your heart.

The Williams Four in 1988

Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to not having my Dad around for the big things – matric dances, first crushes, first boyfriends, first job, my graduations, my driver’s licence test, my first international trip, my wedding and your births.

It’s the small things, though, that still trip me up – I want to be able to call him when I am sad or mad or hungry; get a big bear hug when I need it or dance in the middle of a busy road because our favourite song is playing.

I ache for a missing parent but I count my lucky stars for the one who is still around. Your Nan Soraya, though, Kids, is unbelievably incredible. She’s been there for all of the big moments and every little one in between and she did it all on her own. Sam and I are so incredibly lucky to have such a Supermom!

On 23 November, 2016, Your Nan, Aunt Sam and I remembered your grandfather on his 20th death anniversary with one of his favourite songs:

We love you, Daddy, always xx


How I Met Your Father: the one where I have no game with hot guys

Kids, I am exceptionally good at flirting with anything that moves when it comes to getting something I really, really want – like chocolate, another helping of dessert and a discount on my travel bookings.

Image credit:

When it comes to chatting up the opposite sex, though, I have no game. As in nada, zero, NOTHING!

I have you told about how I didn’t know when guys were hitting on me but let me share the embarrassing tale of not having any game at all.

November 2016 …

It was a hot, gorgeous day at the mountain and I was waiting for my 12pm appointment. I figured it would be a routine tour of my company’s operations and I would be done with it but man, alive, was I in for a nice, good-looking surprise!

The minute I laid eyes on Wes in the reception area my tummy did a funny somersault and I started having all kinds of inappropriate fantasies.

Blonde, blue-eyed with a slight Goth vibe and extremely cute dimples, Wes was my type to a damn T and I hadn’t had that kind of reaction to a guy in a LONG time.

Image credit:

Which is exactly when my inner Bridget Jones persona decided to rear her clumsy head…. F***!

I got so flustered by how hot Wes was, I managed to walk into a door, knock into an open gate, drop my phone and blush so profusely, I looked like a dragon had scorched me – all in the space of 10 minutes.

Image credit:

Earth, swallow me whole!

The fact that he seemed to be bemused by my blunderings did not alleviate my embarrassment. I finally let the poor guy off the hook by leading him to a cable car and agreeing to catch-up on email before our next visit, where I would hopefully be much more composed.

Yeah, right, have you met me?????

How I Met Your Father: the one with the 31 hours of social media time out experiment

Kids, on the eve of my 31st birthday, I was feeling overstimulated, overwhelmed and over-stressed by social media.

Image credit:

Besides the fact that it was literally my bread and butter, just trying to stay up to date with everything that was happening out in the digital world and my loved ones ‘social lives was incredibly tiring.

Not to mention the soul-crushing depression that comes with knowing exactly which people couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge my special day… I didn’t need that kind of rejection!

I’ve told you about how I became selectively social both online and offline after turning 30, right?

For my 31st birthday, I decided to try a social media experiment: I would go Internet, Wi-Fi, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, email and WhatsApp free for 31 hours.

Friends and family were freaking out about how they were going to contact me:

Image credit:

My response was:

“We’ll do it like people did it in 1985 when I was born … send snail mail or pick up a damn phone and call me!”


Physical interaction in the digital age was going the way of the Dodo and I, as a relic of the glorious 80s, refused to participate in its untimely demise.

Besides, if I wasn’t spending my birthday with my eyes glued to a screen, it freed me up to take in the (hopefully) handsome and available male sights all around me.Who knows if your Dad might have been lurking around somewhere?

Cheers, Year 30, and thank you for the lessons!

How I Met Your Father: the one with the Zombie Walk Cape Town Cosplay!

Kids, by the spring of 2016, my cosplaying obsession was in full swing and with my all-time favourite holiday of the year, Halloween, coming up, there was just one more character I simply had to inhabit: the Zombie Bride of the Mother City at the Zombie Walk Cape Town 2016 event.

Image credit: Leon Jamarie

Your Uncle Leon laughs at me for this but my zombie alter ego had been steadily building up to major life milestones for several years – I’d been a cheerleader in 2014, a nurse in 2015 and now it was time for me to tie the undead knot.

Your Nan also really got into the spirit of wedding dress shopping … I know how much she’d been dying for that to happen!

Image credit:

29 October, 2016:

Cosplaying events are always way more fun with friends and so off your Uncle L and I went with Kaanita, Daniel, Ethan and Tania in tow, to join the hordes ( and I mean HORDES) of rotting bodies for Zombie Walk 2016.

These are some of our cool undead memories of the day:

Get me to the church on time! My #ZombieWalkCT bridal party 😍 #cosplay #thisis30

A photo posted by Fazielah Williams (@fazielahwilliams) on

#happyhalloween #trickortreat #dressup #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #imlovingit

A photo posted by Tania Knight (@taniaknight13) on

We came, we saw,we zombied👻 #zombiewalk2016 was horribly amazing! Sign up our rotting flesh for next year's edition 😍

A photo posted by Fazielah Williams (@fazielahwilliams) on

But wait, don’t just take my word for it about how frighteningly awesome the walk was….here’s what the zombies had to say:


How I Met Your Father: the day my running life changed with Garmin SA!

Kids, 2016 had been all kinds of horrible ,what with all of the adulting I had to do but by Spring, one of two amazing things happened to me…

Through the magical work of your Spirit Mom Leo and her tireless promotion of my Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon blog posts, Garmin SA, the leading satellite navigation technology company , sponsored my new running companion, a Forerunner 35!

This news had me dancing for joy, Carlton-style!

Image credit:
Image credit:

I’d had countless unbelievable experiences ( hotel stays, theatre shows, concerts, restaurants meals and events) through my work as a travel writer and met world-renowned illusionists (with the front page newspaper coverage and national TV broadcasts to reflect my efforts) through my magical PR job so having my crazy dating and running stories recognised by Garmin was an all-new writing career high!

Just look at this gorgeous device:

I couldn’t wait to document my fitness journey via Instagram, Twitter and my Two Oceans Marathon blog series!

How I Met Your Father: 5 things running taught me about dating

Kids, by the spring of 2016, I had been a novice runner for a year and a bit, competing in several racing events ,including the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and the Gun Run.

I was having tons of fun blogging about my transformation from couch potato to relatively fit runner and to my surprise, running helped me get a new perspective on my love life (or lack thereof).

Here are five things running taught me about dating:

  1. Just do it:

Procrastination might very well be my middle name because I was always putting off going for a run, in the same way I put off going on dates.

Whether I was hurriedly slipping into running trainers or high heeled boots, I always found that once I committed to the act of running or dating and actually did it, I felt much better afterwards.

To quote the most epic of philosophers, Nike:

Image credit:
  1. Be patient:

No one runs and wins a half-marathon on their first go so what made me think I was going to meet The One immediately?

All good things come to those who train and dating was my training. I needed to give myself time and stick to a healthy regime of meeting new people at events I liked going to like Fan Con or Zombie Walk; online dating sites; parties; set-ups or speed dating hang-outs.

  1. Being nervous is ok:

Man, did I get butterflies in my tummy before every run and date! My heart would race a mile a minute, my palms would be sweaty and I would be thinking “Why the f*** am I doing this?!” every five minutes in the lead-up to the big event.

Image credit:

Being nervous was ok, though, and helped me get excited about what lay ahead, both on the road and in love.

  1. When you fall down, get back up:

Getting my heart broken or being stood up hurt every bit as much as falling flat on my ample sized butt on the road but if I could motivate myself to get back up and run again, I could get back out into the dating scene again too.

Sure, every WTF online dating pick-up line or extremely bad date made me want to run for the hills (ha-ha, pun totally intended!) but I managed to shake it off and bounce back stronger than before.

  1. Having support is important:

Your Spirit Mom Leo was the one who set me on the path to running greatness by encouraging me to enter races, running some of them with me (and providing ample motivation in the form of naked Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill photos …hee hee!) and providing a platform for me to document my progress with a monthly blog post.

Similarly, she and your Uncle Tendai listened to my crazy dating tales, tried setting me up on blind dates, were my wing people and told me some much needed motivational stories about their own love adventures.

No runner can do it alone and neither can a dater.  House of Wyrd, you rock my world!

Running may not have had me quite on Whitney Houston’s path to love:


BUT it did get me out and about and on the road to happiness.

How I Met Your Father: Why being different is more than okay – it’s your birth right!

Kids, in the spring of 2016, I found myself having to defend being different to loved ones once again.

It had been a battle I constantly had to fight since childhood and even though I thought I was done explaining who and what I was at age 30, I had to re-introduce the concept of diversity to those closest to me.

That I was different from the culture and people I was born into was apparent from a very young age – I came home from my first day of primary school on the Cape Flats perplexed by the fact that this establishment did not have a cafeteria or lockers like I’d expected it to have ( let’s blame this on hours and hours of watching The Wonder Years).

In high school, my penchant for public speaking, poetry writing , black clothing, emo music, being vocal about women’s rights and having dreams that did not immediately include marriage set me apart from my peers and I constantly had to deal with “but why do you always have to be so different from everyone else? Can’t you just be normal?” comments from frenemies and bullies.

I struggled with depression as a teenager because being different was frowned upon and I twisted myself in all kinds of anxiety-ridden pretzels in an attempt to fit in …anywhere with anyone.

Finally, in my late 20s, I learnt to be comfortable with my weirdo self and share who I was with those in my inner circle.

It’s difficult, though, when the qualities I had worked so hard to cultivate in myself – strength, independence, free thinking, honesty, assertiveness, diligence, creativity, emotional vulnerability – were the very things people wouldn’t accept about me.

They used labels like weird, other, different as weapons in attacks on my character but were totally fine with me being that when it suited their needs.

I shed a few tears (ok, a lot of them!) at this renewed rejection but then I remembered something your Spirit Mom Leo shared with me soon after we met:


Being different in a world of sameness and sheep-like mentality is nothing to be ashamed about. I am, I was and I will always be weirdly different and it is more than okay – it is my damn birth right!

Image credit:

It’s yours too, my loves. You are extraordinarily wonderful just as you are and don’t you ever let anyone tell you differently xx

How I Met Your Father: 5 things I wish people would stop saying to singletons everywhere

Kids, by 2016, I had had it with everyone from my grandmother to the guy at my local Spar poking their noses into my solo status and forcing their unsolicited opinions onto me about why it was that I was still single.

Here are 5 things I wish those people (smug marrieds, otherwise attached and even fellow singles too) would stop saying to singletons:

You’re too picky:

I’m going to let Madea take care of this one for me:


Let us be clear on one thing: I am NOT picky, I am selective – about who I spend time with and who I choose to be with. I am bloody amazing and I need my future partner to be of an equal standing to build a future with.

I will not settle for mediocre, boring AF men who have no ambition and interests, cannot support themselves or nurture and realise a family, just to make you feel better about me being single!

You’re just looking in all of the wrong places:

Oh, so that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all of this time?! Well, would you mind pointing me in the right direction there, Mr or Ms Know-It-All?

Because I am pretty sure I have looked f***ing EVERYWHERE – bars, bookstores, house parties, events, music concerts, meet-ups, blind dates, group hangouts, Tinder, OkCupid, Datingbuzz, speed dates, on international visits etc.

Every goddamn dating advice site or book tells singles to go to events and places that interest us and we’re bound to meet potential mates with similar interests.

Faz Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman seeks Steve Trevor or Superman!

Obviously I am the only comic book- reading, cosplaying, horror movie fanatic, musical-adoring, concert-going, pancake-addict, chocolate-devouring bookworm in the entire world or my soul mate lives on another planet.

Stop hating men so much:

Dear uneducated assholes …if you spent more than just five minutes of your sorry excuse of a life scrutinizing my singledom and how that reflects badly on you, you would see that I not only love men – I lust, crave, adore and want them in my life.

Exhibit A:

My undying, incurable, overwhelming desire to re-meet, mate with and marry this guy:

Image credit:

Exhibit B:

My frequent Beefcakes ‘visits, Magic Mike nights out and general flirting with everything that moves.

I may not always know when a guy is hitting on me but I sure as hell know how to put the moves on one when I feel like it. Like Christian Grey, my tastes in the opposite sex are very singular:

Image credit:

And for the love of the Seven, stop telling me that I might be a lesbian. I will admit that I tend to fall in love with a person’s heart and soul rather than their gender, but this blog isn’t called How I Met Your Father for nothing.

You’re still young – there is plenty of time to find The One:

In case you haven’t noticed, I turned 30 a year ago and my biological clock has been ticking off the f***ing hook since I was 12!

I know it’s irrational but I feel as though I don’t have the time or the luxury of waiting for Mr Wonderful to show up – my eggs are expiring at an exponential rate.

Then again, Janet Jackson is having a baby at 50 so …ok, I’ll let this one slide.

Just stop looking and he will turn up:

Let me explain this in terms you’ll understand: you know that one handbag/car/house/clothing item/piece of jewellery etc you simply cannot live without and that you HAVE to find?

Yeah, that’s how we singles feel about our potential significant other.

Telling me to stop looking, wanting, searching for and dreaming about him, whoever he may be, is bloody torture. The more you tell me to quit looking, the more I am going to pretend to do just that but still secretly sign onto useless dating sites ,wonder if that cute guy at the café was just being nice or was really into me or imagine that my best male friend has been in love with me for forever.

Just stop giving me false hope that someday my Prince Charming is going to show up when I least expect it.


How I Met Your Father: Online dating opening lines that make me go WTF?!

Kids, dating at the best of times is a minefield of awkward moments but online dating takes it to another level of “dear gods, why?!”

Image credit:

Your poor spirit mom Leo and Uncle Tendai were privy to my almost daily assault of just what the actual f*** opening lines or messages from wanna-be suitors, like this one:


Really?! Judging from my sweet profile pic where I am posing with our family fur kid Tigger, this guy thought I was into BDSM?


Image credit:

I didn’t even bother responding because a) he was not the Swedish god I want (Alexander Skarsgard shall forever be my one and only) and b) idiots and perverts aren’t worth my precious time … F*** it, NEXT!

How I Met Your Father: Confessions of Cape Town’s Bridget Jones Part 3

Kids, by now you know that I have a penchant for embodying my literary hero Bridget Jones in a spectacular fashion.

Image credit:

While I knew that I would never live down the flashing incident at Beta Beach or having to answer awkward family questions about the lack of a man in my life, I thought that I could at least minimize the disastrous run-ins with strangers.


Here’s a look at why Ms Jones and I were kindred spirits in the spring of 2016:

Lying to a preacher man:

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned …ok, so I have never been to confession but if I ever do, I solemnly swear that I will never, EVER lie to a man of the cloth again as I did on a sunny September afternoon.

The holy man in question was a layman deacon and, unfortunately for me, the My CiTi bus driver who had a tendency to speak the word of God to me whether I wanted him to or not.

We had had a previous run-in a month earlier when I had set him straight about me not following the Islamic way and him trying to bully me into coming to church with him – obviously I refused. Have I mentioned I had major commitment issues, especially when it came to religion?

On this particular spring day, I firmly told Brother Simon that I did not want to speak to him about religious matters at all.

He condescendingly assured me he wasn’t going to preach to me and rather asked about my personal life i.e. was I married? Where was I living and whom with?

The man was starting to sound like a stalker and a single woman can never be too careful about her safety so I panicked and lied… I told him that I was unmarried but that I lived with He Who Shall Not Be Named and we’d been together for 10 years.

Sweet Mother of the Seven!

Image credit:

The man saw red and went off at me about how I was giving my body away to a user and sinning against God. He ranted and raved for the better part of 10 minutes about how He Who Shall Not Be Named was just using me for sex and didn’t respect me.

I couldn’t believe my ears – I had lied to shut this cleric up and here I was getting slut shamed instead!

Only in my wildest dreams would I be sinning all night every night for ten years…

Kids, I have never felt so ashamed of something I didn’t do in all of my life … Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Eavesdropping on a noisy neighbour:

“Oh God! Oh God, Oh God … F***!”

By September 2016, I had been listening to my male and very vocal downstairs neighbour scream his gratitude to his Creator in the throes of passion for the better part of nine months.

The fact that he was doing this at 8pm and 1am respectively with his apartment windows left wide open for everyone in all of Vredehoek to hear  his every grunt and movement aside, the thing that bothered me most was that I never heard his partner … which begs three questions: 1) was he gagging his companion, 2) was he using a blow-up doll or 3) was he just that good at loving himself?

More importantly, how the f*** did I politely ask him to keep it down?

Image credit:

I was sorely tempted to march down to his apartment the next time he got too loud and say: “ Look, if you aren’t going to be quiet about it, at least invite me in to join you!” but as we all know, I am utterly useless at chatting up men. I am also nowhere near that adventurous!

To avoid embarrassment, I quickly ran past his front door every time I needed to leave and prayed that I would never have to see him at a building meeting ever because I would blush all fifty shades of red for sure.

Why do these things keep happening to me????




How I Met Your Father: I am not your tourist guide, I am your damn date!

Kids, after Mr “Let’s Go Dutch”, I was a little gun shy about meeting new people – spending two hours with someone boring who hogged ALL of the attention just wasn’t appealing.

no bad dates just brunch stories
Image credit:

Also, after the spate of bad, and I mean, BAD online dating chats that were leading nowhere fast, I had all but given up hope of ever finding your Dad.

Hope, though, always springs eternal for singletons and so I turned to back to my old faithful,  Ok Cupid, for a bit of a romantic shake-up.

Here’s a look at that time I schooled an American tourist in the art of dating a Capetonian woman:

September 2016 …

Tdater 31 was a Pennsylvanian engineer, visiting Cape Town for the first time ever (I am stressing this because it becomes important later in the story) for his sister’s wedding. After a weird stop and start, we got into a rhythm of flirting (mostly him because as I might have mentioned, I am Bridget Jones-bad at picking up hints that guys are into me).

Date One was a coffee (and that was the actual hot drink, NOT the other hook-up kind of coffee) and pizza meeting at Cape Town’s new caffeine hot spot, the Honeybadger in Loop Street.

He wasn’t impressed I was keeping the date to 90 minutes because I had a movie date planned with your Spirit Mom (screw it, we’d won tickets for a Michael Fassbender movie and there was NO way I was missing out on it!).

We got along well, though, chatting about Star Trek, Comic Con, work and family. He was funny and smart but …

Tdater31 seemed to have no sense of desire to explore Cape Town, a city he had travelled 25 hours plus to visit.  Call me crazy but I always research a destination before I visit it to know what’s on and where I should explore. Hell, I’ve stalked New York so often, I feel like I live there.

Mr Man was annoyed that I had to work and that I had a social life filled with family and friends ‘engagements that I wouldn’t cancel to spend time with him:

loki wait what
Image credit:

Bro, let us be clear on a couple of things: a) I am a busy woman with a full life who will not be your personal tour guide and b) no man comes before my friends and family.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to a second date because hey, maybe he was nervous and just coming across as a doos inaccurately.

Date Two…


At 30, I still had to learn to trust my gut feelings about people. If I found you annoying, boring and a pain in my ass the first time I met you, that impression would not change later.

Tdater31 had indicated that he wasn’t into the big touristy things like the attractions and he wanted to experience what the locals do as well as the local cuisine.  Since it was First Thursdays, I decided we’d do that and then I would take him to Biesmiellah in Bo Kaap for some authentic Malay dishes.

Right away, he pissed me off by being WAY too handsy … I do not like people touching me unless I initiate it and grabbing my ass repeatedly or balancing bottles on my head while I was crouching to snap a photo was not winning him any brownie points.

Secondly, he did nothing but bitch about how most of the patrons at the Gin Bar were white. Where were the locals, the Africans, he wanted to know. Jerk, are you seriously getting racial on me? Caucasians are f***ing local!

The moaning about not wanting to leave his hotel room because he didn’t want to go where all the tourists were carried on throughout this date from hell.

By 7pm, I had had enough of Tdater31 and his narrow-minded bigotry and stupidity so I helped him order his “authentic” meal, stuck him with the bill and wished him safe travels back to Pennsylvania with a “Yeah, I am never visiting you, see ya!”

don't ever talk to me again
Image credit:

F*** it …NEXT!



How I Met Your Father: 30 things I have learnt about myself and life since turning 30

Kids, as my *gasp* 31st birthday edged closer in 2016, I started reflecting on what being 30 meant to me and realised that I actually loved it.

Image credit:

I know that I freaked out pretty badly about my milestone age the year before, but by the winter of 2016, I had chilled the f*** out long enough to appreciate it.

Here are 30 things I learnt about myself and life after turning 30:

  1. I have no more f***s to give and it’s ok:

No, really. Before 30, I would be stressed about what people thought of me and whether they’d accept me for the weirdo I was.

After 30, I was like “well, f*** a f***ing zombie, if you don’t like me, screw you!” I liked me:the dressing like a hobo writer; dance in the car and the supermarket; can’t be bothered to even pretend to like people I should me and that was all that mattered.

  1. No was my new favourite word:

As in “No, I am not attending a family function where I have to pretend the perpetually divorced aunt’s comments about my inability to land a man doesn’t hurt my feelings” or “No, I really don’t want to pay for your mother’s birthday cake just because you’re broke AF and didn’t plan ahead”.

its a no from me
Image credit:

I especially loved saying Hell to the f*** no when friends, acquaintances and potential dates tried to talk me into going to places or doing things because it was more convenient for them.

My comfort, after 30, came first… f*** the rest!

  1. Here are my boundaries, now f*** off:

So-called friends who couldn’t deal with not being the centre of my universe whilst I was in the middle of taking care of my dying grandfather and dedicating myself to passion projects or clients who contacted me after hours were not so graciously told where to f*** off to because I have boundaries.

  1. Staying home was my new favourite past time:

Time was when I’d be out there with the most narcissistic of socialites, snapping pics on red carpets and attending every event or show opening under the goddamn sun.

By 2016, I was tired of the constant fake behaviour and forced friendships with so-called celebrities so I found new events (GOT premieres) and red carpets (my bedroom’s) to frequent.

Shutting myself in my apartment for at least one day a weekend where I didn’t have to go out at all because it was too peopley out there was how I held onto my sanity during all of the adulting I had to do.

  1. Holding my tongue was no longer an option:

I learnt to be blunt AF because it was the only way people would understand me when I kept saying no (see point 2).

My entire life, I was always worried about protecting other people’s feelings and not daring to retaliate when they hurt mine.

New me didn’t have such qualms. If you were a guy wasting my time with small talk about the weather or asking me to send you boob pics on dating sites, I told you exactly where to stick your small member and not ever f***ing contact me again.

If you were a client who wanted me to rise at the crack of dawn to fill in for you because you were going away for the weekend, I told you where to get off on the bullshit train.

Biting my tongue to keep the peace was no longer my modus operandi.

  1. I am a cosplaying freak:

Who loves nothing more than donning tights and a cape and showing off at events to other geeks.

From Wonder Woman to Hermione Granger and Khaleesi/Melisandre, I loved rocking a wig, a latex suit and accessories, alongside your aunts and Spirit Mom.

  1. Love is being completely me with people I love:

Your aunts Sam and Mishka and your godparents Leo, Tendai and Leon are the only five people in Year 30 that I felt completely at ease with.

i love you man
Image credit:

They loved me when I was crabby and happy over silly things; they let me cry when I needed to or just be quiet when I couldn’t put into words the things that hurt me and they weren’t afraid to call me out on my crap when they needed to.

  1. Feeling guilty is a waste of time:

So I finished yet another tub of Nutella without using it for the pancakes I actually bought it for… so freaking what?! Did anyone die? No? Then, shut up, Brain, and just let me enjoy my chocolate high right now.

Ditto for not finishing blogs, reports etc for work when I was ill. I was delirious on medication and sleep deprived, for Drogon’s sake, it’s not like the company would fall apart without me!

  1. I am worth showing up for:

Old friends who bailed last minute on plans and dates who stood me up were no longer worth my tears.

Spending time with me, especially when I had to rearrange shit so I could see them, was a f***ing privilege. If they couldn’t be bothered to show up, I wouldn’t be bothered to answer calls and texts in future.

  1. I will not settle for mediocrity:

I deserved the very best I could give myself – from a future partner to what I ate and who I spent my time with to where I travelled to –  so if those things were not up to par, they had to go.

We are so focused on making sure everyone else (family, friends, significant others etc) is happy and getting what they deserved but what about ourselves?

In 2016, I made myself my priority – f*** anyone who thought that was selfish!

  1. It’s never too late to do anything:

Like read the Harry Potter book series for the first time (yes, I know, considering I saw all the movies and worked in magic, I should have done that yonks ago but whatever!)

  1. If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll ask Google:

Dudes, what I knew about being an executor of an estate or how to process a medical aid claim back was dismal. Being an adult doesn’t come with an instruction manual so thank the Seven for Google!

google everything
Image credit:
  1. Eating breakfast for supper is ok:

As a kid, I would laugh at my Dad and your Aunt Sam for tucking into a bowl of Kellogg’s at 6pm but I came to appreciate the wonders of a good scrambled egg or waffle at supper time.

  1. Life is short, do shit that scares you:

Like training for and running a 10km race or lasting five minutes in a paint ball game (I am NEVER doing that again!)

  1. Grief broke me but I’d survive:

Losing your great-grandfather at times felt like a faded dream but also hit me like a truck every few days for most of 2016.

I felt broken and strangely well-put together at the same time. I cried at the most inappropriate times, like being surrounded by 13 000 people at a public running event or went for weeks without shedding a tear because I was so busy organising his affairs.

I laughed at his multiple memorials because he would have loved seeing his entire family together for once.

There is no rhyme, reason or quick fix to grief and I had to learn how to be patient with myself until I got to the other side.

  1. Being afraid and insecure are realities of adulthood:

Everyone experiences it – I felt immensely better when I read my media sister Nadia Krige’s blog post on the subject.

No one knows what the f*** they’re doing and we need to stop judging each other about it.

  1. Staying in my PJs all day is rad:

Yup, one day a weekend, I literally stayed in my owl patterned onesie all day because who cared?

Once, I even ventured down to Gardens Centre in my PJs and no one raised an eyebrow.

Of course, this also got me chatted up in the worst way at a pharmacy … sigh.

  1. I can’t take money with me when I die, so I spend it:

I splurged on spa days at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel with your Nan and went to several 3D movies with Leo a month.

I did body shots at Beefcakes; applied for loans to go to Mauritius and bought multiple cosplay costumes because I could. Life was for the damn living!

  1. I can let it go:

That grudge I have against the boy who broke my heart; the too tight dress from 2007 I’ll never fit into again and the paperwork of things I sold eons ago – I’ve cleared them out.

The awesome Bennii was a HUGE inspiration to me in this regard. I watched her give away sporting equipment she didn’t need; disperse advice freely or say exactly what she was thinking and it made so much sense to me.

Cleansing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically is important so be like Frozen’s Elsa:

let it go frozen
Image credit:


  1. I will not compete for anyone’s time or affection:

Throughout my childhood and early adulthood, people, especially family members would compare me to my siblings or cousins, making me feel like I had to compete for their affection because I wasn’t good enough.

That belief spilled over into my friendships and working relationships. By 30, I realised that this shit had to come to an end and it started with me.

I was f***ing awesome just as I was – I didn’t need to be more like anyone else. Again, if you didn’t love or appreciate me for who I was, f*** you!

  1. I hate SMS texting:

I also hate people who use it. If you are over 18 and writing lyk dis, I will f***ing disown you.

  1. I detest selfie sticks and their users:

Unless you’re Zoolander and Hansel – then let’s do a #selfiestickselfie and can Alexander Skarsgard be in it before I lure him away for a long, LONG stay in my love dungeon?!

  1. I can’t party like a 22-year-old anymore:

Dear gods of Westeros, my liver roared its dissatisfaction at being used as a chemical waste ground the minute I turned 30 and I couldn’t manage more than one glass of bubbly or four watered down cocktails on a night out.

Gone were the days of bar-hopping with Tendai and Leon down Long Street …a damn shame!

  1. I can still shake what Soraya gave me:

Sure, I couldn’t down shots anymore but man, could I still dance like no one was watching!

dance like no one is watching
Image caption:

Clubbing occasionally whilst sober or you know, giving everyone in my local Spar a show by dancing in the aisles still felt really, really good as I got older.

  1. I do not have to pretend to like every theatre show or movie I’ve seen:

Man, I wish I had learnt this earlier so I could get some hours of my life back.

  1. I love babies, children and animals:

It is other adults I have an issue with.  Seriously, if people could just keep their unwanted opinions, their filthy habits and oversharing to themselves, that would be great.

  1. I adore food:

I will eat anything and everything and I will not feel guilty about it.

If you are going to be one of those annoying as all hell women who talk about how many calories are in curly fries, I will silence you with a death stare or get up from the table and let you eat your cardboard in peace.

  1. Spending time with my family and friends is more important than anything else:

I don’t care if there is a conference or launch happening that simply everyone has to be at – I am not everyone and the people of my heart come first.

Tag me in shit if you have to and I might retweet, repost or like it but my must-attend moment is where my tribe is.

  1. Equally important is me time:

Even Wonder Woman needs a break from everyone else’s troubles and to find her centre. When I am having me time, I am not doing nothing, I am being me.

  1. Age ain’t nothing but a number:

Aaliyah was right (though she may have been referring to something else!).

age ain't nothing but a number
Image credit:

Age is a state of mind – at 30, I felt more in tune with my 18-year-old self and rediscovered the values I had as a teenager. When applied to my adult self, those ideals made life really simple for me and I was far happier for it.

Bring it on, 31!


How I Met Your Father: The one with the spa day treats at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

Mount Nelson Collage

Kids, by August 2016, it had been a rough eight months for your Nan and I … between the loss of your great-grandfather, work stress and one romantic disaster after the other, a treat was needed and quickly.

I have a particular soft spot for the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel since my run-in with the Swedish love of my life there so when I spotted the Afternoon Bliss package on their Librisa Spa menu (a delicious combo of hour long massages followed by their decadent High Tea), I knew that that is exactly what we needed.

Here’s why the Afternoon Bliss package at the Belmond Mount Nelson hotel is a must-do:

It ain’t expensive to treat yourself like a movie star:

I’ve had people the world over tell me that Cape Town, and especially its luxurious hotels are pricey… they’re not.

At just R2225 per package for two people, the Afternoon Bliss package is well worth it. Weighing up what the usual cost of a full body massage, followed by lunch at a restaurant would set you back, this package is value for money.

Location, Location, Location:

Gods, the Nellie is beautiful! It is also so multi-layered with seemingly endless gorgeous places to relax (snag a table in the luscious garden if the weather is good and keep an eye out for a visiting Hollywood star every now and then).

While the Lounge is the spot to be, I adore the Planet Restaurant &Bar for its amazing cocktails (my favourite being the Alexander, a perfect concoction of Van Ryn’s Brandy, crème de cacao, fresh cream and nutmeg, of course!).

Heaven is for real:

And it is located at the Librisa Spa!

Faz and Mom Mount Nelson

From a statuesque chandelier in the foyer that demands to be swung from (don’t worry, I didn’t!) and the healthy but tasty fruit and tea bar to the oh-so-gentle touches of the talented therapists in suitably styled rooms, being a pampered angel is a reality.

Drink tea like the English:

With cucumber sandwiches, mouth-watering chocolate cake, scones with clotted cream and an endless array of the finest teas (or speciality coffees if you’re a caffeine addict).

Faz Mount Nelson tea
Image credit: Soraya Williams

The Nellie’s Afternoon Tea buffet is renowned for being one of the best in Cape Town, laden with every savoury and sweet treat imaginable and it is quite difficult to know where to start!

The super cool but still dignified ambience:

How often do you actually get to dress up smartly and rub shoulders with the rich, famous and fabulous?

At the Mount Nelson, that could be any day of the week! With its old school glamour, classic décor, soft music and excellent service, this world-class establishment made me feel like I was Romola Garai in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, about to meet my parents and lover for a dance in the 1950s.

I know you’re wondering what the heck this has to do with meeting your father but what I learnt about the search was that sometimes a girl has to stop and eat a cream puff or three whilst being pampered and spending time with her Mama in one of the Mother City’s most luxurious hotels. A happy me is a more attractive and holistic me, right?!

I can’t wait to go back to the Mount Nelson Hotel soon!



How I Met Your Father: The one with the hot doctor in the elevator

“Fazielah, pick your jaw up from the floor right now and stop staring! Wait, did I brush my hair this morning? Good Gods, this man is HOT!”

Those were the rambling thoughts running through my lust-addled mind as the elevator doors of your Nan’s hospital opened on the totally shaggable doctor one fine winter’s day in 2016, Kids.

Typically, it was once again one of those bloody days I hadn’t bothered to do much more that put my long hair up in a ponytail and just about remembered to slap on some lip gloss before visiting your grandmother to collect my Harry Potter cosplaying tools.

As the elevator whizzed up to the eleventh floor, I was in a bit of an insomniac-induced stupor and barely paid attention to the frantic new father or senior patients who got on-board.

Until …

The doors opened on the ninth floor and there he was: Dr Sexy himself – in all of his effortless white collar shirt; form fitting jeans; stethoscope casually hung around his neck; bemused blue eyes and Lord Farquaad-flowing blonde haired glory:

Dr Sexy
Image credit:

He stopped for a split second, smiling his million dollar smile at me (I am pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels singing Hallelujah at that very moment!), before boarding the elevator.

I wish I could say that I had said something smart or smiled back at him but judging from the rueful grin and head shake from the frantic father next to me, I pretty much just drooled back at Dr Sexy whilst imagining all kinds of naughty scenarios that you don’t need to know about.

As I finally disembarked on the eleventh off while trying desperately not to look back at my five second crush, I tripped over my own feet …

crawl in a hole and die penny
Image credit:


How I Met Your Father: Stuck between a rock and dumb ass men

Kids, as you know, in the winter of 2016,  21st century dating lingo was confusing the crap out of me .At the time, I thought that that was the worst I had to contend with – boy, was I wrong!

Over and above the absolutely befuddling slang they used, online dating prospects also seemed to have WAY over inflated egos.

I give you, the ways of the dumbass online men:

Bachelor Number 1:

“Is it shaved or bushy?” he asked, eagerly awaiting a response.

dude wait what
Image credit:

I stared at my screen, my jaw literally dropping to the floor and certain that I must have read wrong. Surely a thirty-year-old Brazilian man I had never met nor been contacted by before had not just straight up emailed me to ask about the grooming and state of my lady bits?

I even thought that maybe he had confused with someone he’d been chatting to for a while and mistakenly emailed me. Sadly, I put way too much faith in the basic decency of the male population online.

When I furiously hit reply and demanded to know just who the f*** he thought he was talking to, he responded that of course, he was talking to me and that he needed an answer immediately to help him reach his, uh, happy place.

Hells to f*** no, dude! You’re blocked!!

My prayers for a suitor with online finesse were not answered because of …

Bachelor Number 2:

“”Admit it, you think I am totally f***able!” he asked arrogantly, making me wish I could reach through the screen to smash his stupid head against a wall.

Seriously?! This fool, who didn’t bother to introduce himself, let alone say Hi like a normal person, expected me to say what exactly? That yes, I did indeed find him so utterly irresistible, I couldn’t wait to tell him? My inner sarcastic critic was dying to pull a Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate about You move:

julia stiles
Image credit: BuzzFeed Partner

For the love of Hades, what the actual f*** was wrong with men in 2016? Had they no respect for the women they were trying to pursue? Had the world gone totally and utterly bonkers?!

I learnt to love that block button like it was my best friend. NEXT!

How I Met Your Father: The One with the magical Harry Potter Cosplaying in Cape Town!

Kids, by the winter of 2016, I had been Game of Thrones ’Melisandre and Khaleesi and Wonder Woman, all in the name of cosplaying events in Cape Town.

So, when the opportunity arose to transform into Hermione Granger for the highly anticipated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch party, there was NO way I was going to miss out on it!

HP 1

Your Spirit Mom Leo, lovely mermaid Emma and I had to complete quite the rigorous process to get our owls and golden tickets to Hogwarts aka Exclusive Books ‘party at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre – I mean, seriously, with the amount of hoops we had to jump through just to score an invitation, I practically had to give one of you up before you were even born…

After two months of emails, registration AND costume planning, The Night finally arrived:

30 July 2016 …

Any fan of the book or movie series will know the feelings that hearing the signature Potter music conjures within you.

Add that to the incredible sense of belonging you feel when you see hundreds, nay THOUSANDS, of fellow Potterheads dressed as Dementors, Dumbledore, Luna Lovegood; Moaning Myrtle and more and you’ll understand when I say that I felt like finally, I’d come home.

Leo, Emma, your aunt Bennii and I were utterly gobsmacked at the realistic and detailed costumes on display. While we rocked the crazy hot Bellatrix, gorgeous Quidditch Seeker, beautiful muggle and sexy student looks; other fans were unbelievable Snitches; Sybill Trelawneys and more:

HP 2
Beautiful muggle Bennii tries to take care of Bellatrix’s scary Dementors and look utterly terrified at the same time!
HP 5
Charming fans in full Potter cosplay!
HP 3
Kooky  Sybill Trelawney , a gorgeous muggle and the HOT Seeker Emma!

As I said, the atmosphere was utterly magical because of all of our die-hard Potterhead enthusiasm and seeing everyone in costume BUT I need to stress that the event was no party.

By the mere mention of the word party, we’d been harbouring fantasies about chocolate frogs, a sorting hat ceremony etc …what we got instead was a four hour long queue and preferential game playing cards with very little communication from the Exclusive Books staff about what was happening.

The organisers either desperately needed to hire Leo and I to do their book launch parties for them in future because we’re kickass publicists, magic fanatics AND awesome cosplayers or they should have taken a leaf out of Ster Kinekor and Mnet’s, uh, books (pun TOTALLY intended) who rocked a feast with music and entertainers worthy of a Westeros wedding for the Game of Thrones Season 6 screening.

The #HarryPotterSA thing wasn’t all that bad, though, because awesome Emma was the star of an Expresso TV show interview and your Spirit Mom bagged the top feature in Channel 24’s round-up of the event.

31 July 2016 …

3, 2, 1 …LUMOS!

Lumos! #HarryPotterandTheCursedChild is now available in #lovecapetown 😎 #HarryPotterSA

A video posted by Fazielah Williams (@fazielahwilliams) on

Finally, after hours of queueing and leaping through the half-hearted attempted at a Platform 9 & ¾ portal, we got our fangirling hands on brand-new copies of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

Leo HP collage
“An insane convict, star student, and a quidditch champ walk into a bar filled with muggles and magical creatures…” Image and caption credit: Leonie Mollentze

We were tired but happy and even energized enough to scare the living daylights out of a parking attendant when we stopped for drinks at a nearby petrol station😉

HP 6
Thanks Nan Williams for supporting us as we fly our freak flags!

Cosplayers are only as good as their supporters, though so a HUGE thank you to your aunt Bennii and your Nan for braving the icy weather, hordes of people and late hours to be there for us xxx


How I Met Your Father: The Corny One Hit One Line Wonders Part 2

Image credit:

Kids, by the winter of 2016, I was so over corny one hit one liners from guys, it ain’t funny.

But those never-say-die blokes just kept them coming and I unfortunately had to suffer through it.

Let me tell you about that one time a corny one hit one line wonder made me wish I had stayed at home indefinitely:

July 2016 …

It was a few days post your great-grandfather’s funeral and I was in desperate need of medication to treat my throat infection.

Sure, I was already in my PJs but there was an all-night pharmacy in the City Centre AND this was student/hipster central Cape Town – no one would care what I looked like at 9pm at night, right?

So, off I went to the pharmacy, sans make-up, hair sticking out at all angles and rocking a blocked nose with my PJs mostly obscured by my very bright pink hoodie.

As I made my way through the turnstile, the pharmacy assistant piped up with:

“I must say, that pink jacket just does wonders for you, hey”

Are you f***ing kidding me, Dude? I was pale with grief, strung out on painkillers and nowhere near being in the mood for any variation of “How ya doin?” and this guy was hitting on me! LOSER!

taylor swiftgiphy.gif
Image credit:

I ignored him like a stop sign but not before remembering that my friend Fatima met her now-husband on a day she ran into Woolworths for diapers, with uncombed hair and a vomit-splattered t-shirt.

Maybe there was something uber attractive to men about women looking like complete train wrecks I didn’t know about?

As I made my way to the dispensary counter, I heard the assistant’s co-workers snicker at him with:

“Really? That pink jacket just does wonders for you? Bra, you are so not cool!”

My thoughts exactly!

How I Met Your Father: 5 things travelling solo to the US taught me

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself…” Cloud Atlas



Kids, in 2016, I was in a bit of a rut… seeing friends’ engagement, baby and new job announcements on social media gave me huge FOMO (fear of missing out).

It made me nostalgic for a time when I was doing something epic – like travelling to the US solo for a two week Contiki trip across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York in the (South African) winter of 2014.

Sometimes I need to leave home to get some perspective

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the fishbowl that is your life when you stay put.  In 2014, I was up shit creek with the disastrous Monroe flirtation, hating aspects of my job as a Cape Town marketing writer and trying to figure out what to do with my life.



Travelling to the States wasn’t so much running away from my problems as it was getting a new perspective on them.  Seeing world-renowned icons like the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge up close, made me realise that while my problems were important, they were small in comparison to the rest of the Universe.

Looking at it that way made me calm the f*** down and just enjoy being me.

Conquering my deepest fears was possible

I’ve had a paralyzing fear of theme park rides since I was three-years-old and your grandfather decided to rock the cabin of the Ferris wheel we were on, scaring the hell out of me.

That fear, though, wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying or at the very least, attempting to enjoy the rides at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

20140722_111009I’m not saying all of it was fun – in fact, between the Transformers and The Mummy rides, my pancake breakfast kept threatening to blow all over my fellow riders – but I pushed through my fear and did it anyway.

I held hands with complete strangers in the Haunted House; screamed for all I was worth during the King Kong ride and held on for dear life in that final drop of The Mummy roller coaster but at the end of it all, I was extremely proud of myself for conquering my deepest fear.

Being just me is more than ok

The greatest thing about travelling solo is the chance to shake off all of the labels and personas people you know impose onto you or force you to be (you know what I am talking about – some relatives, co-workers and friends push your buttons so much that you react negatively and get labelled as the nasty/mean/perpetually single one in your social group) and rediscover who you are.

On this trip, I discovered how much I actually enjoy magic, separately from it being a requirement for my passion project. I was totally prepared to attend Criss Angel’s Believe show in Vegas on my own but just by being so excited and passionate about it, a few of my tour mates eagerly joined me too.


People liked me for being the weirdo, magic-fanatic I was and you know what? I liked me too.

Most importantly, I also realized that I like doing things solo – something I’d be reminded of again a year later in Mauritius.

I am capable of pretty much anything

A week into my trip, I was standing in front of the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and I suddenly had an Oprah-style A-Ha moment…

Image credit:

I realised that little ol’ me, who had sold my first car, worked crazy hours and saved for eons just to be able to afford this trip, had actually done it! As I stared up at the full moon in Sin City, I realised that I could, and was capable of doing just about anything I set my mind to.

I knew I’d wanted to visit all of these cities since I was a teenager hung up on Sex and the City and I had made my own wish come true.  I was my own Fairy Godmother, Superhero and Guardian Angel and I was awesome!

 Letting go of my inhibitions every now and again is a good thing

A lot of crazy things happened in the Big Apple, like Drew, and that one time I wandered around Times Square high on Nyquil trying to treat a cold while almost being kidnapped by a Hispanic man  (don’t tell your Nan – she will never let me travel alone again!).


My favourite memory of New York, though, is the final night of our trip when my Contiki group and I visited a local karaoke bar. Emotions were running rampant in the group, knowing we’d have to say goodbye to strangers who had become family in the two short weeks we’d been travelling together.

With various tour mates getting up on stage to humiliate themselves belting out their favourite hits, it was only a matter of time before my three closest friends Candice, Natasha, Cheree and I followed suit.

Yes, we were totally out of sync doing the mermaid dance to Cher’s Shoop Shoop song but boy, was it fun and the perfect way to end off a trip that had totally changed my perspective on life and my own capabilities.

By 2016, with all of the adulting I’d been doing, I was aching to rediscover myself via travelling again. All I needed to do was choose a destination … but where to next?




How I Met Your Father: The one where 21st century dating lingo confused the crap out of me

Kids, as difficult as it was to find a man in 21st century Cape Town with its unavailable, confused and jerk non-potentials, navigating the dating lingo was on another level of insanity.

dating slang 1

The sheer volume of terms like hang-out, hook-up, non-date date, ghosted, bae (one which particularly made my ass twitch!) and their definitions boggled my mind. Do not even get me started on Netflix and chill ( no, I am not explaining that to you until you’re all 21 and even then, you may need your Uncle Tendai to do it!).

You remember my utter mortification when I discovered that Mr Overeager No 2 and I had very different definitions of what a coffee date was, right?

Well, let me tell you about the time I got into a heated debate about what a date was.

June 2016…

Yaneez was a 24-year-old Irish expat, who was doing his PhD in Electrical Engineering at UCT at the time. He didn’t fit my usual type but I was trying to date outside of my comfort zone so chatting with him didn’t seem too bad.


Right off the bat, his poor use of grammar and spelling put me off somewhat. I get that being Irish, fangs for thanks and nefink for anything were par for the course for him but seriously, the use of kewl for cool and “you sound like you are very common to dates” , which basically implied I was a slut, grated on my nerves. I mean, even Darth Vader would take insult to that:

darth Vader

Still, I was determined to make the best of a slightly less than good situation so when he suggested meeting up, I agreed on the condition that he understood that I do dates – not hook-ups, not hang-outs and not meet-ups.

This, unfortunately is when I discovered that the youth of 2016 did not quite grasp the concept of dating:

Yaneez: “So when are we going on a date?”

Me: “I am free to meet for a drink or a bit to eat on Sunday.”

Yaneez: “So you paying for my Redbull coz I don’t drink. Let’s go out for drinks today”

Me: “Uh, no, dude. You ask a lady out, you pay. I am not available today- as I’ve told you I have plans”

At this point, the conversation quickly descended into a myriad of definitions and arguments which gave me little hope of it having a successful outcome.

Yaneez: “You meant to say I pay for mine and you pay yours.”

Me: “Look, I know you are used to the casual way of doing things but I do old school dating. That means whoever does the asking out pays for the date.”

Yaneez: “So basically you want me to spend on you?”

Me: “No more that I would if I’d asked you out.”

From there it spiraled into how he will only pay for the date if he was guaranteed to get some physical action after which made me SUPER angry!

mindy angry

For the f***ing love of the gods, while I am no prude, what the hell happened to just talking and getting to know someone over a meal?!

The who pays for what issue aside, the fact that people didn’t even spend quality time discovering what they liked about someone else by doing activities, attending events or sharing a meal before they made a beast with two backs together at the drop of an ill-written text scared the bejesus out of me.

No wonder more and more women ended up as disillusioned as I was at the scarcity of quality men – the boys who were used to getting what they wanted without putting the effort into growing a relationship by dating were turning into men who cared even less. Everything was going to hell in a basket!

I learnt my lesson and stayed away from anyone under 30 from there on out.

How I Met Your Father: The One in which we say goodbye to Pa

“Dear Fuzzy, I am sad to hear about your grandfather. You are very lucky that you had a grandfather your whole entire life. Love from Kris.”

Kids, your Great-Grandfather, Mogamatdien Shellar nee Percival Francisco Shellar, gently left this world on Thursday 30 June, 2016, causing my Universe to come to an abrupt halt. Of all the condolences I received, this one from your 11-year-old Spirit brother really hit home.

Pa 1

Kris was right – I was indeed ridiculously lucky to have had a grandfather my whole entire life. Bittersweet moments from more than 30 years flashed through my mind but they didn’t seem to be enough.

Eulogies aren’t really a thing in the Islamic faith the rest of my family follow but I’m a rule breaker of note so, here is what I would have said if I had had a chance to speak at Pa’s funeral:

Dear Pa,

A week ago today, you took your final breath and left us to join your beloved Tiema in Heaven. I know you’re super excited to get all of your kisses and hugs and make up for lost time (away from prying grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s eyes) so while you’re doing that, let me look back at some of my best memories of you…

2015 …

Last year, I lost you in a Strand beach parking lot. Sameehah, Freddy, Mishka and I had treated you to an afternoon out and you gave us the slip so you could go on a walkabout like a naughty teenager.

I don’t know how you did it with an aching leg and a walking stick, Percy, but like a magician, you were there one minute and gone the next!

Sam panicked and call Hiema – I took a deep breath and realised you probably needed some me-time, something you’d had fairly little of since your health starting deteriorating.

I found you eventually, sitting on a bench that you and Mama often visited on your day trips to Strand, gazing out on the crowd and view. You had a wistful look on your face and I realised that what you had needed was to be close to her – the only time you ever let on that you were still mourning.

The love that was evident on your face that day and whenever you spoke of her since, makes me want to live long enough to experience my own someday.

2013 …

I freaked out when I received my first ever traffic fine for Mr Winchester, my Opel GSI, and couldn’t for the life of me remember when I had been speeding along Vanguard Drive.

I checked the date and looked at the photo and saw that actually, Old Man, you were the one breaking speed limits as you cruised in my sports car. By then, you weren’t allowed to drive your own vehicles anymore so you had taken mine for a joy ride under the guise of returning it to me ahead of a magic event.

I couldn’t stay at mad at you for that – after all, just a month earlier you had held my hand while yelling at me for crashing it into another car on a highway.

Buying, driving and fixing that car together are some of my favourite memories with you because as much as I was coming into my own as an adult, you were right there with me every step of the way, guiding me as you had in my childhood.

And yes, you still don’t know that I have the worst road rage known to man – I never swore when you were my passenger😉

Faz and grandparents


I’m 15 and going through an “I hate my life and my family” phase but you insist on taking Sam and I for our weekly Sunday drive to Sea Point.

On the way back home, I am wedged between you and Mamma on the front seat of your van and the two of you are pointing out the landmarks of where you first met.

You turn to me and say:

“And that is where your grandma and I used to park and “watch” the view at night. I showed her things she’d never seen before.”

I protest and mock vomit because no teenager wants to know their parents, let alone their grandparents, did things like that but secretly, I like being entrusted with details of your courtship.

That courtship gave birth to the lasting love Sam and I were raised in. How lucky were we?

1996 …

I’m 11 and I wake to the sound of you crying … in all of my life up until that moment, you had never done that sober so I immediately knew something was wrong, horribly wrong.

My dad, your son, was dead and you were inconsolable.

Your sobs were so terribly heart-breaking but soothing too because if you were crying, it was ok for me to cry too. You showed me that you were human- that we all are and it’s ok to miss the people you love most when they’re taken from you.


Today, I am a heart-broken, grown woman trying to be strong for the family when all I want to do is be the tiny, sassy little girl you taught to read time; called your “Charra Meid” ( Indian Girl) and gruffly held tighter when I tried to squirm out of your hugs.

I miss your hugs.

I miss your smile.

I miss your voice.

I miss hearing you say “Ok, I love you too, Zielah”.

You were so proud of the eulogy I wrote for Mamma on “Facebrick” as you called it, I thought it only fitting you get one on my blog too😉

I love you, Pa – I don’t know if I said it often enough, but I do.  I don’t know if I said thank you enough too – there aren’t enough words in this world and all of the universe to express my gratitude for loving, raising and being there for Sameehah and I.

I will miss walking into your house, my childhood home, or calling you up and saying “Hello Percival!” and hearing your voice light up at the sound of mine for the rest of my days…

Give Mamma and Daddy a hug for me and know that I love and miss all three of you so very, very much!

All my love,

Your Charra Meid xx



How I Met Your Father: You’re SO stupid, OkCupid!

stupid cupid

Kids, wading back into the online dating pool was more like a baptism of fire, reminding me again of why I hated this particular medium for “meeting” people.

There were various apps, of course, to help you find your match but I had returned to OkCupid because I’d had the most relative success with it… or so I thought.

Here are the three types of men I “met” on OkCupid who made me think the app was SO stupid:

The Angry Harasser …

Andrew37 of Ottery was a just a teeny bit forceful from the get go – he wanted to move to WhatsApp and then Facebook within two messages of “meeting” me, which I declined.

I already spent all of my time managing social media platforms in my day job, I did not need to be conversing electronically in other spheres of my life too.

Back and forth banter ensued with him trying to force me onto other platforms so we could get more personal when he hadn’t even introduced himself yet – I told him he could get to know me on OkCupid or ask me on a date and that was as personal as I was willing to get with someone I’d never met.

Eventually, he told me he was an events coordinator and we agreed on how pointless endless chatting on online platforms are if people aren’t willing to meet in real life.

I then asked him what he was passionate about – meaning hobbies, charity projects etc and he immediately bounced to boasting about what an unusually high libido he has for a 37-year-old guy …

Sigh …

For f***’s sake, what happened to practising decorum with people you’ve just “met”?! I pointed out to him that he should ask himself if that is the kind of thing he’d have said to me if we’d just met a bar or at an event. He answered he would …eeuuuwww!

Later that week, after numerous messages in which he was quite vocal about rape culture and victimization of the culprits by people on social media (seriously??); Andrew informed me that he would quite like to date me but it was dependent on me agreeing to move to WhatsApp.

I once again, gently, reminded him that I wasn’t comfortable doing so – at which point he went completely psycho on me.

A barrage of messages followed in which he accused me of not being a real person, untrustworthy and dishonest.

Right…sorry, dude, you’re blocked! Bye Felicia!

Image credit:

The Italian Flasher …

The trouble with limiting your search to just your location is just that – it’s limited.

I cast my net wider by amplifying my location search which lead to Casanova20 – a twenty-year-old Italian boy toy who barely gave me time to blush at his compliments of how freaking hot I was before pouncing with the “Do you want exchange some photo hot with me?” line.

flasher gremilin
Image credit:

Ignoring the obvious language and grammar barriers, no, Bello, I do not want to see photos of your nasty bits and I sure as hell am not sending you any! I wanted to see that as much as I wanted to see a flasher gremlin …NOT!

Gods, why the f*** do guys the world over think online dating equals instant sex?!

The Cheap Date …

Giovanni was a Game of Thrones –loving, comic book geek horticulturist who loved historical movies, had an eclectic musical taste and adored dogs…so far, so good.

When he invited me, and I stress he invited me, to lunch because he wanted to get to know me better, I happily accepted and we arranged to meet at Cafeen, one of my favourite local Southern Suburbs haunts.

The date went really well for the first hour – we talked at length about travel, series, movies etc but hour two quickly descended into a cesspool of political hatred; how South Africa was going to s***; family drama; unnecessary long explanations of work etc – I barely got more than a “uh huh, really?” into the conversation.

After hogging the spotlight for that final hour, Giovanni called for the cheque and … we went Dutch.

A second date was becoming increasingly unlikely...
Image credit:

Are you kidding me?! He invited me to lunch! Call me old fashioned, but when a guy invites a girl to lunch, surely he should be paying?

To add insult to injury, he freaked out because I overpaid the waitress’s tip. Oh hell to the f*** no, Dude! If you are going to make me pay for my meal, you have no f***king say in what I do or not share with the serving staff.




How I Met Your Father: 3 things I wish I could say to your Great-Grandpa on Father’s Day


Pa Eid

Kids, in the winter of 2016, your Great-Grandfather was dying of diabetes.

Watching him battle this silent and dangerous disease, the way it ravished his body at a rapid pace was almost too much to bear. Seeing the once powerful man he’d been reduced to a withering, childlike figure in constant pain broke my heart.

Emotions, as you can guess, were running rampant within the family, further annihilating existing estrangements and making things even more difficult so I was determined to remain strong, the voice of reason and not verbalize my own reactions.

But I did need to express my feelings so here are three things I wish I could have said to Pa on Father’s Day 2016:

  • You were more than my granddad… you were my Dad:

My father was murdered exactly a week after my eleventh birthday and for most of my life, I carried that sorrow as a HUGE chip on my shoulder.

I hid behind my identity as a fatherless child and used it as the excuse for all of the s*** I got up to in my tween years but it wasn’t true… I wasn’t fatherless.

My dad’s Dad stepped up and did all of the fatherly duties a second time around – he was the one who picked me up from school and my first internship; searched for me when I ran away once (long story); helped me move out of the parental home TWICE; taught me to be responsible for my actions; grounded me a lot; helped to pay for my tertiary education; collected me from the airport after my international trips; disapproved of the bad boys I seemed to love; helped to nurse me through various illnesses and helped me navigate the tricky parts of adulthood.

Anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a dad and granddad!

  • You were imperfectly human and my superhero:

Pa wasn’t perfect – far from it. My childhood Sundays always ended with him being a drunken, crying mess because he’d helped himself to one too many drinks from his business.

He always seemed to say the wrong things at the wrong times and seemingly favoured my siblings over me. Most of my teens and early adulthood were spent crying over insensitive things he’d said about me, my life plans etc.

But …

As I entered my 30s, I realised that actually, Pa was my superhero role model for adulthood. If he was doing the best he could and winging the rest of it well into his 70s, I wasn’t doing too badly either.

  • Thank you for loving me:

Pa and Faz US

Pa had been raising kids for nigh on 30 something years by the time I came along and he thought he knew how to do it well … but then there was me.

I was a sensitive, strong-willed, prone to emotional outbursts creative who refused to conform to any of the customs set by the culture, religion and class my family adhered to.

For years I rebelled against these constraints and vocally so. It led to endless fights, countless time-outs and dramatic stand-offs because I felt that no one, least of all my grandfather, understood me.

It wasn’t until my mid to late twenties, when I learnt to accept myself as the emotional, weird writer and unconventional woman I was, that Pa let go of the apron strings too and our relationship improved dramatically.

We could joke about my drunken debauchery in the US and his fumbling courtship of your Great-Grandma; talk about work (even if he still didn’t know exactly what PR was); debate religious convictions (he was the only one in my entire family who accepted my deflection from the Islamic faith without having a nervous breakdown or keep pushing me to choose another religion) and be honest about our feelings ( my proudest moment was when he said I love you to me without me having to say it first).

When I finally learnt to love myself, I discovered that Pa had loved me as I was all along.

The thing that frightened me the most about Pa dying was being truly fatherless for the rest of my life – of not having someone who fiercely loved me, worried about me and looked out for me being there when I needed him the most …


He’d raised me to be a formidable, independent woman who could and would be the pillar of strength he and our family needed during a difficult time. I hope I’ve made him proud.

Happy Father’s Day, Pa! I love you xxx

How I Met Your Father: The one with the WTF moments

wtf i can't even

Kids, the start of June 2016 was a bit of a “kick you in the arse, over the top adulting” phase for me…

Your Great-Grandfather had suffered a diabetic coma and was deteriorating quickly and my already dying romantic prospects were fading fast.

So, when I say that I was back on OkCupid as a last bloody resort, you should know this was a Hail Mary …


The usual frustrations re-emerged for me and left me wondering whether I should just throw in the towel, put out a “be my sperm donor” ad on Gumtree and be done with it.

The calibre of candidates was dismal … take LaidbackMF from Fort Lauderdale in the US,  for example.

After the initial pleasantries but not long enough to figure out each other’s name even, Mr Man was keen to talk fetishes.

Wait, what?!

Dude, I know it’s online and generally people think that means the whole courtship is accelerated but slow down there a sec…

I politely explained that since he was way out of my location specs and there was zero chance of  us meeting ( this did NOT apply to me re-meeting Alexander Skarsgard, though) , I didn’t really want to know his particular kink.

Him: “No, really, I promise you it’s not anything weird – it’s actually funny “

Me: silence because now I was starting to have serious doubts about this guy’s sanity.

I figured he’d get the message and f*** off silently into the online night but …


Him: “Are you ready for this? I like it when … girls fart on me. What do you think about that?”

Are you f***ing kidding me, Dude?! I think I don’t ever, EVER want to meet you or talk to you again.





How I Met Your Father: The one where I got my full geek on with Wonder Woman cosplaying

Kids, by now you know that I am weird and I own that s*** like a superhero. Wonder Woman, to be exact.

Faz Wonder Woman

So it should come as no surprise that when I heard the comic book store I virtually grew up in, Readers Den, would present a local version of the Nirvana of Geekdom, Comic Con to the Mother City as FanCon Cape Town; I decided to suit up and have a Wonder Woman costume designed.

You’ve seen the cool as ice photos of my and your Spirit Mom’s Game of Thrones cosplaying, but did you know my dress-up antics date back all the way to the 80s?

1985/ 1986 …

The story goes that your Grandpops was desperate for a son after two daughters from his previous marriage and because he was a huge, and I mean, HUGE Superman fan, he was determined to create a costume for his heir.

Luckily for him, your Nan was crazy about knitting and geek boys so whilst he drew the Kryptonian emblem, she crocheted a blue, red and yellow onesie, complete with a cape to accompany it.

Except …

Their last ultrasound revealed that I was, well, me … and the doctor turned to them to say:

“As it turns out, Superboy is actually Supergirl”

I “flew” into your super grandparents ‘lives two months earlier than expected and had to spend several weeks in an incubator so my lungs could grow.

Two months after they took me home and I had grown to a satisfying size and weight, your Nan and Grandpops suited me up for my first ever cosplaying session … meet the Girl of Steel:

dad and supergirl

2016 …

Fast forward some 30 years later and Supergirl had evolved into Wonder Woman.

I had loved Gal Godot as the Amazon heroine in Batman vs Superman and was determined to rock her modern look because it was a sure bet no one else was going to (patterns for the new costume were hard to find on the internet).

wonder woman batman vs superman
Image credit:

Yeah, the skirt was short and the look required LOTS of skin to be shown but f*** it, you only live once, right?!

When I told your Nan about my plans, she was more excited than I was and promptly took me shopping (her favourite activity!) for material and accessories.

Luckily for me, because I loathe shopping like a cat hates bathing, we found all of the material we needed to bring Wonder Woman to life at Fabric City in the City Centre.

Keeping your grandmother in check as we searched for toy swords and shields was like trying to contain an over-stimulated child in a candy store so I let her run rampant😉

Wonder woman basic material


The material paired with the corset I’d commissioned from fellow cosplayer Candice-Lynne Barker, left me satisfied I had everything we needed to breathe life into my iconic character. I reached out to your Great Aunts Shamiela and Shanaaz and their back-up team at the Bernina sewing shop in Claremont for assistance in creating the costume.

Several fittings, late night sessions and tons of comparing it to the movie look, I could shimmy into my suit and blow fellow cosplayers away at Fan Con.

Your Aunts Sam and Mishka joined in on the dress up fun as Harley Quinn and Catwoman ( yes, yes, I know, how can two DC Comics  villains hang out with a Justice League member, but we made it work!):

wonder woman catwoman harley quinn

FanCon itself was such a mind-trip and it was so amazing to be able to roam about with other like-minded people, exchanging compliments on costumes, ideas on characters and thoughts on movie adaptations of our favourite comics and graphic novels.

Having your Nan, Great-Grams and your Great Aunt there to support me was also a ground-breaking moment in finally being accepted as the Wyrdo  I was.

wonder woman and family

Sharing the stage for a cosplay competition with other contestants was thrilling but I still had time for one more costume change…

Faz Khaleesi 2016

FINALLY! Khaleesi Fazielah could claim her Iron Throne😉

What, you may ask, has this got to do with meeting your father? Well. Kids, as my own parents proved, there is a handsome geek for every Wonder Woman and mine would do a superhero landing in my life pretty soon. You guys listening to my wacky adventures are proof of that!



How I Met Your Father: The One where I friend-zoned perfectly nice guys

Kids, as you know, I’ve had my fair share of always being the friend and never the girlfriend but, and I am ashamed of this, I have friend-zoned some perfectly nice guys over the years too.

I was so bad, I made what Daenerys did to Jorah look like mercy…

friend zoned
Image credit:

1999 …

Zunaid was my be all and end all during that first blissful year of my teenage hood and needless to say, I only had puppy-love filled eyes for him but that did not stop other guys from crushing on me.

Imran and I had known each other since kindergarten and because he was a year younger than me, he was the kid brother I had never had.

A funny, sweet guy, Imran somehow didn’t seem to fit in with his own grade so he hung out with my click and quickly became one of us.

Initially, when he started making snide remarks about Zunaid, I put it down to him being super overprotective in a brotherly fashion.

It was only when Imran set fire to the school field one day while Zunaid and I were making out that I realised that my “little brother” and I needed to have a chat.

The heart-to-heart that followed is one that still haunts me…

When I explained to Imran that while I loved him, I didn’t love him the way he loved me, he turned those sad, honey brown eyes at me and said:

“I don’t want to be just your friend …”

Image credit:

Imran eventually went on to date Lameez, one of my friends, but it killed me to see that sadness in his eyes every day …sigh.

2012 …

Thirteen years later, I was working at a tourism company and unexpectedly, my friend’s then-fiance Ted joined the team.

We’d hung out before, of course, in social settings and Ted and I were, if not completely chummy, at least well enough acquainted to have lunch together occasionally and chat up a storm on Skype.

Even when the company domestic made remarks about how I seemed to laugh too much and glow when Ted was around and he kept bringing me treats all the time, I still didn’t think there was anything more to our friendship that just that – being buddies, bros, amigos etc.

Then, a text message from my friend arrived out of the blue, to say that she really appreciated everything I did for her and Ted, telling me what a good friend I am to both of them and that she hears a lot about me from him.

Keep Calm he's yours
Image credit:

Ok … weird, when I hadn’t heard from her in a while and extra suspicious because the tone of the text seemed to imply lines being drawn.

You guys know, though, that I am utterly clueless when it comes to guys hitting on me so if that is what Ted was doing during our work day, I wasn’t picking up on it and any way, he was my friend’s man – hoes before bros and all of that.

Fast forward a year later and both of them had disappeared out of my life like mist before the sun. It hurt me greatly but like all break-ups, I got over it and moved on until a few months later.

My friend reached out and invited me for lunch, where she explained she had dumped Ted and was getting married to someone else. No explanation as to why I had been iced out of their lives but seemingly willing to put whatever chilliness had arisen between us to rest.

By 2014, she was married with a kid and I was about to set off on my US trip when Ted reached out, to commiserate about the break-up and wanting to meet for “coffee” or dinner.

Again, my intentions were completely friendly and anyway, I was head over heels for Monroe at the time so yeah, a dinner with an old friend sounded like fun.

Said dinner turned into an awkward group hangout with your Uncle Tendai, which included a ghost tour hunt (sorry T!) and one where I realised that maybe, just maybe there was more to Ted’s reconnection request than meets the eye.

A month later, Ted contacted me on the day I discovered Monroe had friend-zoned me (the audacity!) and I was feeling emotionally vulnerable.

I figured we were still just friends so I told him about my heart-break and bless his poor kind heart, assured me that Monroe, the jerk, didn’t know what he was missing out on.

Image credit:

A lot was still left unsaid and it’s something I’ll always regret …I’m sorry, Ted, I’m really sorry!

As the search for your father continued, I vowed to friend zone guys as little as possible – after all, aren’t the best relationships born out of friendships?  ;)




How I Met Your Father: 3 reasons online dating depressed the hell out of me

Kids, in the autumn of 2016, I had pulled on my big Wonder Woman panties and decided it was time to get back into the dating game – specifically, the scary, murky world of online dating.

online dating 2

Gods …

How I wish I hadn’t!

Here are three reasons online dating depressed the hell out me:

  • Forget bimbos, guys are airheads too:

Look, I was well aware that apps like Tinder and OkCupid were not designed for long, soulful and intellectual talks but dear mother of dragons, some of the men, nay, perpetual boys, whom I was chatting to barely seemed to have a pea, let alone a brain ,between their ears.

Asking simple questions like what their favourite movies or interests were, was consistently met with “I don’t know” or “cars and money” … hell, at 30 and over, one would hope they’d experienced enough of life to develop wider preferences.

  • Being stood up was par for the damn course:

If I was keen to meet up with a potential mate, I had more of a chance of Orlando Bloom showing up that getting these online jerks to put in a guest appearance.

Oh, sure, they would be all eager in the beginning, super psyched to set up a date, time and place but when the actual day arrived, they vanished faster than a Dementor. Did I get apologies from these slime balls? Of course not!

Good manners, like dating, didn’t exist in the 21st century ..

manners don't cost nothing
Image credit: www/

I quickly learnt to agree to meet at restaurants I liked so at least I’d still enjoy myself …assholes.

  • Getting back on the online dating horse was more f***ing difficult after each failure:

No, I did not want to hear that there were plenty more fish in the internet sea … for the love of Westeros, being stood up or talking to yet another airhead felt like an assault on my heart and senses and I was tired – so tired, Kids.

The bad dating, the ever-ticking biological clock and having my social media timelines flooded with engagement, wedding and pregnancy announcements were driving me insane in 2016.

I was SO over it!

over it
Image credit:

I knew, logically, that I was already living a full life with loving my family and friends, helping to care for your ailing great-grandfather, training for a 10km marathon and living out my cosplay fantasies but it still felt like I was missing out and it was getting really, really difficult to believe that I would ever meet your father …


How I Met Your Father: The one with the user loser

unavailable man 2
Image credit:

Kids ,in 2016 as I waded through various online platforms like , gasp, Tinder,  for potential life partners and your father, I was adamant not to repeat the disastrous mistakes of my irresponsible youth – like falling for the user loser.

Grab a snack and let me tell you about that time I fell for the Biggest Loser…

April 2008 …

One of my very first PR campaigns for the TV station I worked for back then was marketing the local version of hit weight loss series, The Biggest Loser. As excited as I was to line up media interviews, write press releases and arrange the launch, I was not prepared for falling for one of the contestants.

Having battled some weight issues myself over the years, I had a healthy admiration for all that these men and women were going through, especially for the blonde Jacques.

As our initial emails became ever more friendly and flirtatious, I became really excited about meeting him in person at the launch of the show in Johannesburg, certain that his sweet online persona would carry through to his personal one. Yeah, right …

The day and night of the launch was like a dream – my first airplane experience, staying in a hotel room all by myself AND working on a hot new show was a huge milestone for 22-year-old me.

A milestone made all the more memorable by the fact that Jacques and his family seemed to adore me – his mom called me her soon-to-be daughter-in-law and he was all touchy feely – it was like my birthday had come early… swoon!

swoon two
Image credit:

That night, with the help of your fabulous Uncle Clayton, we met up with Jacques and the rest of the contestants at a nightclub and things were going well – a lot of sweet nothings were whispered into my ear; intimate touches, numbers exchanged, plans for future visits made etc and I left for Cape Town feeling like I was on cloud nine.

Six months later …

After months of feverish emailing and text messages and calls back and forth to say how much he missed me and enjoyed my company, Jacques went radio silent.

Slightly worried but still hopeful, I put it down to him working long hours at a car dealership. Besides, I was so hooked on his daily morning and good night messages and seeing him onscreen, I could survive a few weeks without hearing from him, right?

Uhm, yeah, no news is never good news as I was soon to discover.

One not-so-bright morning I received a call from Jacques, sounding happy to hear my voice and eager to catch up. I was delighted and gushed profusely until he dropped the mother of all bombshells:

“So, the reason I am calling … could you assist with getting media interested in my upcoming wedding?”

Wait… what??!!!! Are you f***ing kidding me?!!!!

Months of flirting, hour long calls and naughty texts and he was engaged the whole f***ing time?!!!!

I was mad, Diary of Mad Black Woman mad and then it hit me: I had wrongly assumed that all formerly overweight people are inherently good, kind and loving people and I had fallen for the guy Jacques used to be, not the vain, slim man he became.

diary of mad black woman
Image credit:

I’m proud of myself for not bursting into tears during that horrible phone call. Instead, I gathered the shards of my dignity and congratulated him on his upcoming nuptials before saying that I highly doubted any media would be interested in a reality TV show contestant’s wedding when said person was not the winner of the show.

I never heard from that user loser ever again … thank the gods!

How I Met Your Father: The One with the Game of Thrones Cosplaying EVERYWHERE

Kids, you know that the one key thing I have wanted and always will want for you is for you to be yourselves completely … as  your Spirit Mother Leonie and I have done with our numerous Game of Thrones, Comic Con and Rocky Horror Show dress up evenings.

Rally around, my progeny, and let me tell you about those times Winter came to Cape Town:

April 2015…

A year previously Leonie and your Uncle T had introduced me to Game of Thrones, a series that not only truly spoke to my inner historical romance-loving book worm but also totally touched me on my geekiness.

I had spent a month binge-watching the first four seasons and the characters, especially Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, felt like family – I cared deeply about what happened to them.

So, when the opportunity arose to win tickets to the season 5 simulcast at the Nu Metro at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre, I did not hesitate to enter. I win almost everything I enter and so, of course, I won a double ticket for your Spirit Mom and me.

house of wyrd got
Rocking it House of Wyrd style at a Game of Thrones viewing in 2015!

Rocking the Arya Stark and Khaleesi looks, we were instafamous on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – people couldn’t get enough of the gorgeously crafted dragon eggs Leo had so lovingly designed; our costumes and our interaction with other cosplayers.

You’d think our popularity would have reached its peak at the time but then …

April 2016 …

Fast forward to a year later and we were once again attending the simulcast – this time at the Ster Kinekor at Cavendish Square with the lovely Lady Fuzlin in tow.

Now, getting suitably dressed, applying make-up AND having a great attitude at 3am in the morning takes quite an amount of dedication – something Leo had in spades.

Not only did she rock the undead out of a heart-stoppingly awesome White Walker costume

Got Die Burger
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She also walked away with the coveted Best Dressed Award and won a DStv Explora decoder (because, you know, even White Walkers need to watch TV sometimes ;)!

As a Cold One and Melisandre, the Red Woman, Leo and I had people asking to take photos with us all morning, reporters asking for quotes and generally feeling like important stars.

got 2016 Faz and Leo
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As Fuzlin remarked: “Geez, it’s hanging out with celebrities!”

Yeah, it was! Everyone from KFM to Netwerk 24 featured us and the attention was intoxicating – not enough to distract us from the fate of poor Jon Snow AND that major Melisandre shocker but enough to make us SUPER proud of being alternative and getting our House of Wyrd name out into the world.

The ultimate dream, of course, would have been to showcase our quirky selves on the international set of the show but back in 2016, it was just a mere pleasure to bring the Games of Thrones to life in gorgeous Cape Town!

P.S: Remind Uncle T to tell you the story about the time we raised our banners at the 2017 simulcast – it was all kinds of epic!



How I Met Your Father: The one with the creepy old guys

Kids, I’ve told you that I am utterly clueless when it comes to men hitting on me but I have no trouble identifying lecherous old men – the ones that are so obvious with their slimy intentions, it makes me want to simultaneously hurl and curl up into a dark corner with my comfort blanket.
Image credit:
Image credit:
This is the tale of two such horrible men who would put even Robert de Niro’s Dirty Grandpa character to shame…
December 2012 …
For my sins, I was being trained to do the Gangam style dance for a Facebook campaign activation, along with my colleagues, in the Visitor Information Centre of our tourism company one summer afternoon.
Post run-through of my decidedly uncoordinated moves, I was enjoying a little bit of free style dancing when a kindly older looking gentleman asked for a dance and I, being of the friendly travel trade industry, happily agreed.
We did a comical mash-up of a jazz and tango before finishing with a flourish and if I thought his hands had slipped to places they shouldn’t have, I quickly squashed those thoughts as being a harmless old man’s folly and thanked him for the dance.
Until …
Your lovely Aunt Smurfette informed me later that day that said kindly looking older gentleman was …wait for it … the owner of the brothel across the road! Oh holy mother of dragons … so when he was touching me, he was actually checking out potential future merchandise!!!!
I swear I had at least ten scalding showers in quick succession that afternoon.
April 2016 …
A beautiful Autumn evening had been spent drinking and socializing on a gorgeous Stellenbosch wine estate and I was making the rounds of the food stalls when I ran into a distinguished silver fox.
Unfortunately, this happenstance occurred whilst I was biting into a sausage roll of sorts. I blushed and Mr Man winked at me with a casual ” I already saw that”, flung at me as I scampered off.
At the end of the evening as I was saying my farewells to friends and acquaintances, I ran into him again.
old man young woman 1
Whilst refusing to let go on my hand and staring into my eyes, Mr Man said: “Why haven’t I been formally introduced to you before? I like watching you put things into your mouth”
F*** a f***king zombie!
Kids, I hightailed it the f*** out of there like the bats of Hell were chasing me and did not look back.
Thanks the gods, old and new, your father was not one of them😉

How I Met Your Father: The One with the Psychic and the Pastor

psychic faz
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“When are you having a baby? Don’t you want children?”

Kids, in the autumn of 2016, I was sick to death of hearing this statement flung at me by smug married women and seemingly exemplary goddesses of fertility and I was hard pressed not to respond with a biting sarcastic reply like:

“No, of course not. I mean that’s totally not why I have been dating everything that moves, subjecting myself to torturous blind, online and speed dates and wondering why in all the known universes it’s so bloody difficulty to meet, marry and shag someone in order to produce miniature versions of ourselves. Thanks for asking, though!”

I had , of course, hit the pause button on my biological clock after a particularly  bad round of online dating but that didn’t mean my ovaries didn’t explode with love and hope every time I held a ridiculously gorgeous bundle of joy.

After yet another of these annoying rounds of questions into my potential babe-producing plans, I flash backed to that time I met with a psychic for a look into my future…

August 2010 …

Six years previously, I had been newly unemployed, living off my TV publicist pension and looking forward to my upcoming Italy Contiki trip.

But, I still felt that all-too familiar ache that something was missing – you.

So, when a friend suggested I meet with her family’s psychic, I was honestly desperate enough to do so.

Don’t get me wrong:  I have a huge respect for sensitive people with extraordinary senses – I ‘ve had enough brushes with it, working on a TV dating show with a clairvoyant and  via my own dreams which often come true and ones in which dying relatives have come to say farewell to me, to know that mediums possess amazing gifts.

On this particular winter afternoon, I was extremely nervous and ok, somewhat sceptical – I really wanted whatever this man was about to tell me to be true but I also didn’t want to put all my faith into it, lest I be disappointed.

After doing a quick analysis of my personality and getting a reading on my desires, telling me I should pray for the things I wanted, he gave me the following prediction:

chruch wedding kiss

“You will meet your future husband and father of your six children when you are 30. He will be a God-fearing man, perhaps a pastor, and you will raise your children in a loving home.”

Right … anyone who has ever met me will know that religion in any form and I have a bit of a chequered history. I believe in a higher power, just not necessarily a particular dogma and even in the midst of my joblessness singledom, I knew that the chances of me falling for a man of the cloth was unlikely unless he was one of the Winchester brothers in costume …

winchester bros
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By 2016, I was once again wondering how much truth lay in the old man’s prophecy. It was true that someone from my past with a deep religious affinity had reappeared in my life just after my 30th birthday but he was married and I had already sworn off unavailable men for good.

Was your father just one crystal ball gaze away? The future, as you can tell, was anyone’s guess …





How I Met Your Father: 3 times I didn’t know I was being hit on because I’m so clueless

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Kids, before your father managed to convince me that yes, really he was into me and wanted to be my forever weird partner in life, I was utterly clueless about men hitting on me.

I, of course flirted up a storm with anything that moved but when it came to recognising that someone else was doing it to me … well, let’s just say, these were not my finest moments.

Grab a seat and let me tell you about the three times I didn’t know I was being hit on…

New Year’s Day 2005 …

It had been one of those unbelievable nights my high school self could only have dreamt of – partying in Long Street with the love of my teenage life, the hot jock jerk Tashriq.

Sure, he had spent most of the night in the clutches of my frenemy Fatima (unwillingly so, I may add) and I had spent most of the evening playing it cool by dancing with strangers and our former classmate Imtiyaaz (not my childhood wanna-be husband), when really all I wanted to do was scream about how happy I was that we were hanging out together.

Midnight had come and gone and I had been blessed with a hug and a kiss from the dastardly good-looking crush of years gone by. I was floating on a cloud but of course, I had to pretend it meant nothing.

Image credit:

Fast forward to the boys dropping us off at home, and as we said our goodbyes in your Nan’s driveway, Imtiyaaz saved his number onto my phone. He handed the phone back to me with a coy “Call me”.

In what can only be described as me having a total blonde moment, I replied: “Why?”

Cue the awkward silence as everyone realised what exactly was transpiring, expect for me…

A confused look passed over Imtiyaaz’s face before he rallied and said: “Oh, you know, for whatever…”

I still didn’t get it, and ended the weird exchange with: “Uh, sure”

I know, I know, oh my gods, how could I be so dense but I was in a lust-filled fog, ok? That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

August 2009 …

My cousin and her then-boyfriend were big into the church scene and we were having a karaoke/dance fundraiser on this particular Friday evening.

I had already done my Good Samaritan act of the night by helping a fabulous teen come out of the closet by shaking what our mamas gave us on the dancefloor to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and was happy to spend the rest of the evening joking around with Jay, my cousin-in-law’s best friend.

We’d been friends for years and had a brother/sister relationship going so whenever he hugged or touched me, I thought nothing of it. His inquiries into my relationship status, too, was par for the course for us and I was really just having fun with him.

bad at flirting
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Later that evening, as we parted ways, Jay hugged me extra tight and lingered as he said: “I tried, I did but who knows? If only this night had gone as I wanted it to…” One last wistful look and he was gone, leaving me to wonder how the heck I hadn’t noticed the vibe was more flirty that familial all night!

August 2014 …

As you guys know, I was living life to the fullest in the States – dancing on bar tops in Las Vegas, day drinking in a San Francisco park and kissing strangers in New York.

What you don’t know is that Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome wasn’t the first guy to put the moves on me that night in the Big Apple.

Our tour manager Rammel had been all kinds of awesome all through the tour and I had stuck with him to get the insider’s guide to all of the local spots, enjoying his insane sense of humour. Likewise, he was always thanking me for getting some of the others to join us on these escapades which was cool.

On our first night in New York, the group was having dinner at a pub on Times Square. I was joking around with Cheree and Tash, my friends when I had the sensation someone was watching me. There was Rammel, staring at us and looking hesitant before making his way over to us.

Completely unnecessarily, he ran his hand slowly down the middle of my back as he told us we’d be leaving for the bar soon, and let it rest on my hip for a second too long. “Okaaayyyyy”, I thought, “ that was weird!” Not unpleasant, mind you, just odd.

As we arrived at the bar, it struck me that something might be going on here, but I chalked it up to my over-active imagination and got stuck into the first of that night’s several Cosmopolitans.

do you like me
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A few minutes later, Rammel comes over to where we’re sitting at the bar to char to the bartender, and, the same as Drew would do later, leans into me whilst doing so.

“Hey ladies, how ya doing?”, he says. We giggle, already slightly tipsy (I’ve told you. States portions are three times the size of SA ones!) before continuing our conversation. Rammel told us to let him know if we needed anything and then vanished.

Was it callous? Probably but like I said, I had no freaking clue back then when men were hitting on me.

Four Cosmos in and  only after Drew laid one on me with the same moves, I realised what Rammel had been doing and went looking for him. He’d left by then, of course, and no matter how much I tried to recapture his attention for the rest of the tour, the moment had passed. F*** a f***ing zombie!

Thank the gods, old and new, your Dad got through to me or you wouldn’t be here😉


How I Met Your Father: 5 things I learnt whilst being on a dating pause

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Kids, as you know, in the autumn of 2016, I hit the pause button on finding your father and dating.

Too many disastrous online and speed dating episodes had left a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole process and I decided to rock the art of going solo for a while.

By March, I had been on my singleton kick for just over a month and I picked up a few well-deserved lessons along the way:

  1. People will gossip: and sometimes those people are your own family. Mine came up with the ingenious thought that if I wasn’t bringing a man home, I must be a lesbian. Cue awkward “so, where’s your partner or is it your friend?” questions.                                                                                                                                                                                   There is nothing wrong with loving girls, as you well know, but clearly my relatives had not been exposed enough to my Alexander Skarsgard obsession, my stalker war stories or met He Who Shall Not Be Named.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Their gossip hurt for a while, especially when all I had been doing was killing myself trying to meet the right guy for so long but then I figured F*** it! People who talk are fans and have nothing better to do with their time.
  1. Meeting new people was more fun: without the added pressure of always wondering whether the hot barista or fellow runner was a potential mate, I could relax and just talk to guys.                                                                                                                                                                             This time, I wasn’t even worried that I’d end up as always the best friend and not the girlfriend. I could and did just truly enjoy having normal conversations with relatively normal guys.
  1. Less time spent on dating woes meant more time to do great things: like train for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Fun Run; get my geek on at comic book movie premieres; indulge in my love for magic and spend time with your Great-Grandfather.

     I was spending more time being me and that was always a good      thing!

  1. I developed a super power for spotting time and emotion wasters: He Who Shall Not Be Named decided to poke the bear during this period by asking for special favours and trying to be the centre of my attention at events.
ain't nobody got time for that
Image credit:

He did not succeed, much to his utter disappointment. Ditto for the ex-boyfriend of a  friend who was always trying to be something more to me but only when it suited him. Ain’t nobody got time for that …NEXT!

  1. Being alone did not mean being lonely: and I was perfectly ok with it. It tired me watching family and friends agonize over relationship issues and the fear of being alone. I did not want to be that scared to be alone when I was in a  relationship someday so  taking some time to figure out who I was and what I wanted was just fine by me.

I owed it to both you and your dad to have my shit together by the time I met him … and man, am I glad I did!


How I Met Your Father: The one with the ticking biological clock

biological clock 2
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Kids, I have wanted you for as long as I can remember. As young as 12, whilst other girls were dreaming about wedding dresses and signing their crushes’ surnames as their own on notebooks, I was imagining what you would look like…

Sure, your names changed drastically over the years – rising and waning with my religious convictions and the boy I was interested in at the time. You guys went from being called Dilshaad and Bienjamien to Piper and Finn but the one thing that never, ever changed was the fact that I wanted you …so much.

By 2016, I was about as ready to meet your dad and get pregnant as I’d ever been but as you can tell from my numerous online , speed dating and set-up disasters, this just wasn’t happening.

Add to that the fact that every day brought more spotting of grey hairs which would inevitably lead to me having a meltdown that my eggs were going the same way (yes, I know that that is not how it works biologically and I was being a tad over-dramatic as usual) and you can guess how frantic I was about my fading baby dreams.

Nosy family members, friends and strangers’inquiries into the barren state of my womb were not helping and more often that not, I felt like throat punching them Wonder Woman-style.

Image credit:

As I watched college and university friends settle into so-called domestic bliss and having baby number 3 already, it felt like everyone and their mothers were passing me by in the little person making business.

The ache to have you, hold you, raise you and love you ripped through my entire being like a thirst that couldn’t be quenched until …

March 2016 …

After a really, really, ridiculously awesome night out at the movies with your Spirit Mom, Aunts Sammy and Mishy and Uncle Freddy watching Zoolander 2, the highly anticipated sequel to our favourite movie of all time; I lost my wallet in the back of an Uber.

Of course, I didn’t realise this until the next morning when I needed said wallet to pay for my Wonder Woman corset (I love cosplay, you guys know this!) and I freaked out BIG time!

Hyperventilating as I tried to convince the Uber driver that he needed to get his butt back to Vredehoek pronto and bring my wallet to me, it struck me that I had been utterly, unforgivably negligent.

If I couldn’t be trusted to take care of myself and my belongings, how the f*** did I think I was going to take care of a baby?!

I was still way, WAY too irresponsible to be someone’s – your- mother and I had a crap load of growing up to do before I brought you into the world.

My first instinct at age 30 whenever something bad happened to me (but after I did the adult things of calling the police/getting to an emergency room/hailing a cab etc.) was still to call your Nan like I was 3-years-old and she could solve everything. I was nowhere near ready to be a parent if I still needed mothering like that.

Image credit:

And that Kids, put a pin in my insatiable broodiness and silenced the bio clock  for a good while. I wanted you and I sure as hell was going to have you BUT I needed to raise myself into a responsible grown-up worthy of being your mom.

The road to having you was bumpy as all hell but looking at you now …man, it was worth it! I love you, my beautiful babies xx


How I Met Your Father: The one with the naked guy

gary put some clothes on
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Kids, living in Vredehoek in my 20s and early 30s lent itself to all kinds of interesting encounters, not least those of the nude kind.

While my penchant for wandering about in my birthday suit in my apartment were well documented on Facebook, it’s the buff appearances of my neighbours that raised more than a few eyebrows.

Settle in and let me tell you about the Naked Guy …

2009 …

A few months into my first co-habiting attempt with a work mate, a fire of biblical proportions tore through Devil’s Peak and the slopes of Table Mountain.

From around midnight, I watched the ever-growing flames from our apartment window with growing alarm before deciding to pack a bag (and grabbing only what was absolutely essential – which at the time was my Charmed DVD collection, but more about my skewed priorities later!); wake my flatmate and hightail it the hell out of Vredehoek.

Once in the stairwell of our complex, though, a sense of neighbourly duty overwhelmed us and we went about knocking on the doors. BIG mistake!

Brian was our nearly 60-year-old quirky fellow resident who had a bit of an Eeyore vibe going on. We usually kept interactions with him to a minimum because you could never be too sure whether he’d invite you into his apartment and that you would never see the light of day afterwards ever again.

At 1am in the morning, those kinds of concerns went out of the window and we had to knock a few times before Brian answered the door …

Sans clothing!

As in nothing, nada, not a stitch …oh dear gods, my eyes, MY EYES!

friends gif my eyes.gif
Image credit:

Picture a recently de- feathered chicken with a puff of white hair, illuminated in moonlight and you get the idea…

Sure, it was the middle of the night and we’d woken him, but couldn’t he at least have slipped on a dressing gown or something?!

We mumbled out a fire warning as quick as we could while averting our bleeding eyes to everywhere but at Brian and ran out of there like, well, a fire was chasing our butts.

For years afterwards, I avoided Brian every chance I got because he wouldn’t stop mentioning the naked incident!


I’d recently started training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Fun Run and one of my favourite running routes was along Chelmsford Road towards Devil’s Peak.

With Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire blaring in my ears, I was just about hitting my runners ‘high when time stopped, the sun shone down on me and there, in the middle of the tiny field at the end of my road, was a tall, dark and handsome stranger posing in the nude…

Image credit:

For a heartbeat of a second, I thanked all of the gods, old and new for finally, FINALLY answering my prayers and delivering an Adonis-looking baby daddy to me.

Only to hear the click of a camera and discover that actually, I’d stumbled upon a student modelling shoot and this day was not my lucky day …bloody hell!

I picked up my jaw and crushed heart from the ground and headed back out onto the road. The time for enjoying a naked guy would come soon enough …and boy, does your dad look well in the nude (oh, quit making those gagging noises, guys!)😉

How I Met Your Father: 5 things your Great-Grandmother taught me

image credit:
image credit:

Kids, on the eve of your Great-Grandmother’s third death anniversary in March 2016, I missed her terribly … it still had not sunk in that the fierce, dynamic and strong Fatiema Williams-Shellar who had raised me wasn’t around and a part of my life anymore.

Being an adult sucked on and off for the better part of my late twenties and early 30s and not being able to call her so she could distract me with family gossip or the latest soapie updates when I was having a particularly bad day really cut me deep.

She was vibrant with a quick mind and even sharper tongue but man, was she a soft cookie under all of that and I missed her more than ever.

These are five of the many, many amazing things Mama taught me:

  1. Sometimes swearing is the only way to express yourself: Yip, every foul word you have ever heard coming from my mouth was this champion curser’s creation😉 Whether she was yelling at Pa or threatening to whip my butt for not putting my school uniform in the laundry, she knew how to drop an F bomb! When I started freely swearing in her presence in my 20s, she’d be all like “Zielah, do you kiss me with that dirty mouth?!” and I’d cheekily respond “Of course, Tiema, I learnt from the best … you!”
  1. When Life hands you lemons, eat a chocolate (or a sweet): My feisty grandma endured her fair share of problems: a dead son, man woes, divorce, unexpected pregnancies, breast cancer scares etc but there was always a stash of chocolate and sweet treats to take the edge off a little … or at least stop her from beating people (usually Pa) with a broom.
  1. Having eye candy is a must: Just because she was married with children, grandchildren AND great-grandchildren didn’t mean Mama had lost her keen eye for a good looking man. Whether it was swooning over Jean Claude van Damme in’s Friday night movies or admiring how well David Duchovny filled out his X-Files suit, she knew a stud when she saw one and wasn’t shy to say “Hy is nogal sexy, ner?” (He is rather sexy, hey)
  1. Dress up no matter the occasion: A trip to the shopping mall, a family wedding or an outing to the Fugard Theatre required a touch of lipstick, a sprinkling of talc powder and her best scarf because you never knew who you would run into. Man, I wished I’d retained this bit of wisdom when I ran into Orlando Bloom!
  1. If the music sounds good, dance: Mama knew how to get down on the dance floor (or her living room, but whatever!). From Frank Sinatra to UB40 , Cher and everything in between, Tiema could give us youngsters a run for our money and she didn’t care if we laughed at her or not. In fact, at my 21st birthday party, she danced until 3am when all of the guests had left already😉

Mama 1

I wish you could have known her, Kids. I know how much she would have loved you and enjoyed telling you crazy stories of my and my father’s naughty childhood escapades.

How I Met Your Father: Hitting the pause button on finding your Dad

Image credit:

Kids, every now and then during the search for your father, I would hit a really bad dating patch. Ones where the guys I was meeting online and then in person just weren’t doing it for me.

This unsatisfactory experience would lead me into a spiral of panic attacks that I wouldn’t have you so I would become desperate and date even worse suitors and so the cycle continued.

In early 2016, after Mr Overeager‘s particular brand of Valentines ‘Day nastiness and the budding romance with Merlin 39 dwindled to non-existent, I just about had it with guys and romance.

Yes, I was six dates shy of the 28 but I figured that that gave me some time to play with and that I could take a breather, a pause if you will, to just be single and be me.

Just being single, though, as it turned out wasn’t all that bad … I got to do amazing things, like training for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon fun run; having awesome movie dates with your Spirit Mom and aunt Sam; attending concerts and so much more.

faz two oceans 1

Learning the art of being solo was an important lesson and one I would keep repeating for years to come because dating wasn’t the be all and end all of my life.

As your Nan often said to me when I was growing up: “When something frustrates you, take a break from it and do something else. When you return to it, you’ll be refreshed and ready to do it all over again.”

As it turns out, she was right – taking a break led to meeting your father, and ultimately, having you😉

How I Met Your Father: Mr Overeager Part 2


Kids, I’ve educated you about the scary attributes of a Mr Overeager type before and truly, I thought that by 2016, I had put this type of man behind me…Alas, I had no such luck and not only did I run into his sort again, but I did so in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day!

10 February, 2016 …

Besides Merlin 39, I’d been going through a bit of a dating drought and so while there was an opportunity to attend another speed dating event, I wasn’t particularly into it either. Instead, I was focused on hanging out with your Spirit Mother at a Deadpool screening and feasting on chocolate until my heart and tummy burst.

Unexpectedly, I received a message from Dave, who was a part of the speed dating group. He was 42, looking for someone special and convinced that he’d previously met me at a speed dating event before.

Since I was sure we had in fact “dated”, I readily accepted his coffee date request and counted myself lucky that I had gone from having no Valentine’s Day plans to suddenly having plenty of them.

I gave Dave my number and we started texting back and forth to set a time and place (the Saturday at Red Sofa Café in Vredehoek).

At first, everything was going well  – I smirked at his attempts to be flirtatious and had to reassure him several times that the age difference didn’t matter to me because it was just a  f***ing coffee date. Soon, though, I wasn’t responding as readily because I was in back to back meetings and apparently Dave didn’t like being ignored.

Maybe I was more naïve than Ana in Fifty Shades but I thought a coffee date meant meeting someone in a coffee shop to have, well, coffee … So, when he offhandedly suggested hooking up after work Wednesday, I quickly shut him down with a “sorry, I have plans for tonight but looking forward to meeting you for a chat and coffee on Saturday!” text.

He got huffy and responded with “Wow…ok, sorry for taking up your time.” I ignored him because a) that wasn’t what I meant and b) I was busy for the f***ing love of the gods!

11 February, 2016 …

Kids, my job back then was talking to hundreds of thousands of people via my company’s social media channels which left me utterly depleted of any conversational skills so I wasn’t much of a texter in my personal life. I was very selective about whom I communicated with.

selective texting

Which is apparently bad news for budding non-relationships … by the Thursday morning, I was getting slightly neurotic texts from Dave, going “Are we still on??? I didn’t hear from you.”

Dear sweet Mother of Dragons, trust me to find the one man in the entire goddamn Universe who wants to over communicate!

After reassuring him once again that yes, we were still meeting, no, I didn’t think he was too old (again!) and yes, I was looking for a relationship as much as he was, we left the conversation hanging.

In my mind, though, everything was settled – we were meeting on Saturday and we both knew what we wanted out of this so what more did we need to talk about until we saw each other, right?

12 February, 2016 …

F*** a f***ing zombie! Apparently a lot could go wrong because I woke up to the following text from Dave:

“”It’s clear you aren’t interested or that we’re very different. You’ve shown absolutely no interest. No desire to ask anything. You’re young. It’s clear our situations and experiences are very different.”

Now look, it takes a lot for me to get pissed off but this was just totally f***ing uncalled for! And he had sent the text before 8am and my first cup of coffee, for Pete’s sake!

khaleesi no mercy

So, taking a few calming breaths, I channelled my inner Khaleesi and let him feel the hot but calm fire of my temper by responding with:

“Good Morning Dave. I hope you are well. I am not much of a texter because I prefer getting to know someone in person. I am extremely busy, hence the silence.  As much as you are accusing me of not asking you questions, you haven’t asked me anything either.

You keep mentioning the age thing, and to be quite honest, that’s your hang-up, not mine. If this is the way you treat all potential dates, I can understand why you’re not attached yet.

I am not looking for a neurotic partner who seems to crave attention every second so I think it’s best we part ways. Good luck with the dating!”

The asshole had the audacity to respond with:

“”At least I didn’t waste my time with someone who’s incredibly bitchy.”

Kids, I am not the girl who cries on Valentine’s Day weekend, bemoaning her single status and the fact that no one loves her but f*** it, this one got to me!

Luckily your Spirit Mom came to my rescue with a super awesome Galentine’s Day, cooling off at the Long Street Turkish Baths and marvelling at Ryan Reynolds’s uber hot butt cheeks in spandex as Deadpool.

Faz and Leo Deadpool
Image courtesy of

Yeah, I didn’t have a heartthrob in my life but that didn’t mean I had to put up with the jackasses of this world either. Instead, I was blessed to have super weird and awesome friends and family who loved me anyway… and that is all that really matters.


How I Met Your Father: The one where I feel the anti-Valentine’s Day love


Kids, you know I’m not a Valentine’s Day Grinch – the fact that you get heart-shaped pancakes, your Aunt Sam’s legendary chocolate cake AND tons of hugs and kisses every hour on the hour on February 14 every year is proof of that.

The fondness for the Day of Love was something I maintained throughout my twenties and usually being single on this date didn’t bother me but … occasionally, I needed to attend a speed dating event or a party of some sort to reassure myself and your grandmother that I  wasn’t  going to end up as a crazy dog lady ( what? I am allergic to cats!).

14 February 2012 …

A group of friends , which included Bryce ( yes, he of the Indecent Proposal fame) and I got dressed up to the nines to attend local radio station 5fm ‘s Love Sucks speed dating party at an underground club in the City Centre.

While the girls and Bryce were there to partake in the lock and key speed dating set-up, I was just along for the kickass DJs, free chocolate and good drinks – come on, a girl has to have her priorities straight, you know!

Wandering about, checking out the potentials and laughing at the pick-up-lines I was overhearing, I sauntered into the kissing booth section where I had spotted the rather yummy booth holder earlier.


At R10 a smooch, I was determined to have him lay one on me and be able to say that I had least had one kiss on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately for me, he seemed to be out on a break to give those kissable lips a rest.

Slightly disappointed, I was about to leave and go shake my booty on the dancefloor when a pair of strong arms grabbed me around my waist from behind …

Now, usually I have a “”what the f*** do you think you’re doing?” reaction to this in normal nightclubbing situations but this was a singles ‘only Valentine’s Day party and I didn’t know which hottie might have found me so irresistible they simply had to touch me. This, being my life and all, of course meant Murphy’s Law kicked in and my mysterious Lothario was …


In what was a split second swing around, he had me facing him and kissing him so quickly, I couldn’t get a handle on my bearings!

Initially too stunned to know what was happening, I quickly pushed him away and was on the verge of smacking his presumptuous ass, when he burst out laughing and I realised he was quite drunk.

“Really, Bryce? Me turning you down at the staff party wasn’t bad enough, you now have to steal kisses from me too?” I asked him peevishly.

“What? You were going to be pay that Zac Efron wanna-be to kiss you … I am way more ridiculously good-looking, you should count yourself lucky!”, he answered with a wink.

zac efron gif

Remembering how Bryce had actually used me at that long-ago staff party to hide the fact that he’d spent the night with our male co-worker and now seemed to be repeating this behaviour by drunkenly kissing me in front of witnesses seriously pissed me off!

By this time, the kissing booth operator had finally re-appeared so I shoved Bryce’s drunkard ass onto a nearby couch.

I marched over to the booth, handed over my R10 like a boss and kissed that fine specimen of man like the world was ending before heading out to join the hundreds of single, gyrating party goers for a dance fest of note.

kiss swan captain

The bright side? I got two Valentine’s Day kisses😉


How I Met Your Father: Suffering from always the best friend, never the girlfriend syndrome

boy girl best friend

Kids, you’ve heard the expression “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”, right? Well, when I was young and single with plenty of guy friends, I was always the best friend, never the girlfriend.

It started pretty early in life for me, this being “”one of the bros” thing. When I was 2 and a half, I met Imtiaaz, the son of my parents ‘friends and according to our dads, anyway, my future husband.

I want to spin you the story of how that young puppy love turned into something as epic as your grandparents ‘love story BUT, in what would be the story of my life for years to come, there was a slight glitch right from the beginning…

16 November1988 …

According to your Nan, Imtiaaz and I were inseparable because everything that he did, I did too. Through no fault of my own, I had developed into quite the tomboy – a combination of my father’s desire to have a son after two daughters and therefore showering me with toy cars, guns and Lego and my mother’s insatiable love for all clothing in navy blue.

So naturally, on my third birthday, the two of us were chasing cars around the living room, playing up a storm and having fun until my mom called me to get ready for my party.

As I emerged back into the living room in my twirling red and white dress and everyone was making a fuss, Imtiaaz broke out into a full blown tantrum that could have been heard all the way out in deep space.

star trek giphy

When asked why he was so upset, my toddler crush silenced the room with this heart-stopping one liner: “Because she’s a girl!”

And thus began my career as wing woman, best friend and sister to the men in my life.

2002/2003 …

By my sophomore high school year, nothing much had changed. Though I was a hell of lot more girly, the hot boys still treated me like one of the guys.

Admittedly I didn’t help things much because this was around the time I became a hard-core feminist, dismissing marriage as nothing more than a more lenient form of prison ( don’t judge me, I was 16 and angry – remind me to tell you about the Goth phase that preceded this girl power one sometime).

Like all of the other girls in my grade, I had a crush on the hot jock jerk and of course he didn’t know I existed – the tragedy of teenage life!

At the start of our sophomore year, the hottest boy alive, according to my fellow classmates, transferred to our school and specifically my class. I remember distinctly the collective audible gasp that occurred as he stormed into our homeroom and made every girl go weak at the knees – except for me.


Look, I didn’t deny that Fawwaaz was easy on the eye but did he make me see the stars and the moon with his handsome face? In a word – no.

He wasn’t Leonardo Di Caprio handsome and I was far too in love with the rude jock to notice anyone else. Besides,  Fawwaaz was so arrogant about girls falling over their feet for him, and it was a complete turn-off.

My indifference to his apparently obvious charms at first grated on his nerves and he would purposefully seek me out or drag me into his over-the-top stories about how cool he was just to get a reaction out of me.

A year later, and we had settled into a big brother, little sister friendship, teasing each other mercilessly and, in moments when he really doubted that people saw his amazing heart beneath the uber hotness and I was convinced I was going to die old and alone, being each other’s confidants.

Fawwaaz never did manage to get my heart to beat wildly for him but for the love of the gods, I’d still have liked to be considered as something more than just his bro in a skirt!

2014 …

Fast forward 11 years later and you’d think I’d have outgrown the best friend phase…yeah, right!

Monroe was a ridiculously good looking, uber talented writer whose mere prose was enough to reduce me to a quivering mess.

you're so beautiful

Quirky, with an off-centre sense of humour and the exuberance of a puppy who is always happy to see you, I fell for him quickly and I fell hard.

Skype chatting, emails and hanging out at social events ensured we developed a repartee that was playful, funny, filled with inside jokes and a general onslaught of his incredible sexiness on all of my senses.

Shortly before my US Contiki trip, we’d reached an impasse of flirting and when a would-have been just us “hangout” fell through, I was ready to give up because gods be damned, a girl can only try so hard until …

I got a very sweet text from him just before my flight to say he was wishing me a rocking trip and that he couldn’t wait for me to tell him all about it when I got back.

Yeah, ok, so I kissed that tall, dark stranger in New York in the two weeks I was gone, but I was really eager to get back to Cape Town and kick-start things with Monroe.

Only … I got back and he ignored me in group chats and via email for two weeks. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the f*** I’d done wrong. Why had he been all up for things before and now totally ignoring me like a stop street?

Kids, I was miserable for those 14 days and no amount of chocolate or True Blood episodes helped (ok, wait, seeing Alexander Skarsgard naked is always UBER helpful but you know what I mean!).

Finally, because a) I can’t stand being ignored and b) I am a sucker for punishment, I Skyped him asking how he’d been and what he’d been up to for the past few weeks. Our usual joking ensued and when I sympathised with him about a black eye he’d sustained during a workout session, he delivered the heart-punching, soul-crushing news: the girl he was seeing felt sorry for him too.

Ah, sweet Mother of Dragons! So that’s what was up – I’d been moved to the friend zone without realising it and there I was trying to chat the idiot up!!!


What followed was my ugly spiral into that “Oh gods, no-one loves me and I am going to die alone!” hell all single, friend-zoned girls drop into and if it wasn’t for your Uncle T dragging me off for cocktails and a work event that night, I don’t know how I would have survived. I don’t think Tendai had ever seen me that out of control and that’s saying something, considering the kinds of mischief we regularly got up to, but I digress!

I backed off Monroe instantly and did not fall into his inappropriate, full body hugs anymore or engage in any witty  and suggestive Skype chats with him after that because f***, a girl has to have some pride but man, was it difficult ;(

Fast forward to a year later and running into Monroe at a public event. I wish I could say I’d overcome the rejection and could maturely engage with him but alas, no. I awkwardly hugged him, snapped a pic of him in costume and ran off mutely. Like I said, somewhere inside of me is that three-year-old who disappointed the first boy she ever loved and I had never recovered ….

Luckily for you guys, I am your Dad’s best friend and his girl😉






How I Met Your Father: 20 questions to ask The One (or The One Right Now)

Woman with question mark on blackboard
image courtesy of

Kids, doing multiple rounds of speed dating and online dating can get tiring , not to mention a bit boring because let’s face it, who has time to make small talk when you’re trying to find someone to date and in my case, father your children?

So, taking a cue from my rapping homie 50 Cents and his hit single 21 questions, I started asking my potential paramours 20 questions in the hopes of getting to know them and eliminating the unsuitable.

50 cents 21 questions

The key to the 20 initial questions was to mix up the serious with the fun ones because I didn’t want to scare my prospective suitors off but I also didn’t want them to think me too shallow.

Also, my usual gimmick of opening with “So, who is your favourite comic book character?” was starting to grow old …


Far from being the Spanish Inquisition, these were my 20 questions to ask The One or The One Right Now:

  1. What’s your favourite movie?
  2. What’s your dream job?
  3. What’s the one song guaranteed to get you on a dance floor?
  4. Where did you go on your last holiday?
  5. What is your favourite breakfast dish?
  6. What is your favourite book?
  7. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
  8. What is your favourite food?
  9. What is the last thing you think of at night?
  10. What’s your nickname?
  11. What is your best childhood memory?
  12. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
  13. Are you a morning person?
  14. What is your ideal first date?
  15. What did you want be when you were a child?
  16. What are the 5 things you’d want if you were stranded on a deserted island?
  17. Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of guy?
  18. What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
  19. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
  20. What do you to relax?

More often than not, their answers gave me amazing insights into future dates ‘personalities and I could decide whether the connection was worthwhile pursuing. With each answered set of questions came opportunities to talk about a variety of topics and something to laugh about or inquire about more on the official first date.

Also, I got a kick out of responding with my truthful and weird answers because if they couldn’t deal with my decidedly wacky nature pre-date, then f*** it! Next!


How I Met Your Father: Old school romance in the Mother City


Kids, by January 2016, I had completed 21 of the 28 dates challenge and was about to embark on date 22 with very little expectations. After Impala Fanatic’s stone cold silence, I’d taken a bit of a dating break and was just coasting through life until Merlin39 popped up on my DatingBuzz radar.

At 39, Merlin was a little bit out of my dating age range (I’d settled on 35 as being close enough in life experience that we’d still have plenty to bond over). He was also a divorced father of two teenagers, ran his own financial management business and very close with his mother.

Still, I was intrigued by Merlin’s emails and the way he responded to the 20 questions game I started ( yes, after years of online romances, I’d learnt to quickly ask questions that helped me get a better sense of possible paramours ’personalities) so when he asked me out on a date, I didn’t hesitate.

On a hot-as-all-hell Saturday afternoon, we met for lunch at the Company’s Garden restaurant and my aging Romeo totally bowled me over with his old school romance – not only was he polite, well-dressed and well-mannered, he also presented me with a bouquet of gorgeous roses and a box of Lindt chocolates. Who still did that in 2016?


Total brownie score for being a reminder that wooing the objection of your affection is so hot and a lost art. Modern men seemed to have lost all sense of chivalry and it was a welcome respite to have it lavished on me, even if just for an afternoon.

Over lunch, we chatted about our jobs, our families, our travel experiences and the scary online dating world. Conversation flowed easily and sure, he seemed a little too obsessed with stressing how financially secure he was and how generous he is with giving money to people he cares about ( I have never been particularly money or status conscious so these things do not hold an appeal for me) but I was enjoying this date.

I enjoyed it enough to suggest a second date – which for me was totally unheard of, and incredibly, for the first time in a long while, I was actually looking forward to it!

I had hope, Kids, and hope lead to me being open to new experiences, new people and ultimately you xx

How I Met Your Father: Confessions of Cape Town’s Bridget Jones Part 2

bridget jones fuck

Kids, as you’ll well remember from some of my previous tales, I had quite the reputation for being Cape Town’s Bridget Jones. I was known for getting myself into some hilariously embarrassing situations.

I wish I could tell you that I got better at not doing it over the years but I didn’t. Settle in and let me confess a few more of my embarrassing Bridget Jonesesque tales in Cape Town:

December 2015 …

On a blustering Sunday in the Mother City, your Aunts Sam and Mishy, your godmother Missy and I headed out to the gorgeous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden for popular singer Jimmy Nevis’s Summer Sunset concert.

Once we were finally settled in a good viewing spot, we got down to the very important business of indulging in all of the yummy picnic goodies we’d brought along. As resident chocoholic, I’d ensured that we had a tub of Nutella and accompanying strawberries and bananas to enjoy.

Chatting away to the girls while I spread chocolate up and down the elongated shape of the huge bananas, I explained how I had first been introduced to the absolute heavenly combination of Nutella and banana by your extremely naughty Aunt Kaanita a few years previously.

chocolate banana

Completely oblivious to the stares of near-by fellow concert-goers and picnickers, I was about to put the oh-so-good chocolate-covered banana into my eagerly anticipating mouth when I heard the gentleman next to us exclaim:

“You aren’t really going to eat that, are you?!”

Blushing from head to toe, I just nodded my head in the affirmative before take a big bite out of my sweet banana and received a round of applause and laughter from one of the other groups near-by.


January 2016…

Your Spirit Mother, the freaking awesome Leo, was celebrating her Name Day and, in honour of the fact that we fly our freak flags proudly together and are partners-in-crime for all things naughty, I asked your talented Aunt Sam to whip up a decadent Magic Mike chocolate cake, complete with a stripper pole and doll sans clothing.

leo magic mike

I unveiled said salacious sweet treat to the Lady Cumberbatch-Mormont-Littlefinger on Camps Bay beach, with a side order of Naughty Girl bubbly.

Whilst trying to pop the bubbly cork and NOT get arrested by the police officers walking by, it was hard not to notice the double takes of beach goers and runners out on their daily beach visits.

As one woman who sat down on a bench close to us just to have a better look remarked:

“Well, doesn’t he just look quite realistic? That’s some cake, hey!”

Comments from bolder street vendors alluded to us needing a real naked man instead of a doll and yes, I was just as disgusted as you are right now!

Yes, ordinarily this situation would have been embarrassing but who has time to blush when you’re celebrating the life of a beautiful, wyrdly awesome sister freak?😉

Kids, these would not be the end of my “good god, why did I do that?” moments in gorgeous Cape Town – those would last for decades. You already knew that, though, didn’t you? I really am sorry about showing up in my too-tight Wonder Woman costume for your parent-teacher meeting … I love you!



How I Met Your Father: Surviving the silly season as a singleton


“Actually, I’ve just completed a BDSM course and I have to find a master before I can find a husband.”

That, Kids, became my standard go to answer during the festive season of 2015/2016 whenever some idiotic distant relative, family friend or stranger asked when I’d be bringing someone home for them to meet.

Look, I understood that some of them hadn’t seen me since Bush and Mbeki were presidents but it still didn’t give them the right to so personally invade my space and ask such an intimate question.

As I have said before, if they asked stupid questions, they’d get stupid answers. At the very least, they had no comeback for my answer and I could walk away, leaving them as flustered and embarrassed as they’d made me feel. Mic drop!

mic drop

Asking me that question outright was still infinitely better than being ignored completely in favour of my attached sister or having to suffer awkward, ill-thought out questions about my job when conversation dried up.

Just because I was single did not make me uninteresting or unworthy of attention, people! I had friends, interests and I was generally quite smart – how sad were my interrogators that the only thing they could talk about was their children’s weddings and how many people had attended their receptions? Now who’s being a dull jackass, huh?

After a few more of these run-ins, I decided to avoid all family events and luncheons for a while again and spent time with your loving Aunt Sam and our friends at fun concerts, shows and beach days because after all, life is for the living and being loved and accepted just as you are …

Next time on How I Met Your Father: Confessions of Cape Town’s Bridget Jones Part 2

How I Met Your Father: 8 things I learnt about dating and myself in 2015

8 things I learnt about dating

Kids, you’ve been listening to all of my crazy stories about dating and the journey that lead to meeting your father and we are going to continue that for sure but way back in 2015, as the year winded down to a close, I was reflective about some of the insane experiences I had.

From the embarrassing Bridget Jonesesque capers to being badly burnt by work romances and the online dating mishaps to the awkward stalkers, it had been 12 months of what the f*** moments.

Here are 10 things I learnt about dating and myself in 2015:

  1. Sometimes, it’s really not me, it’s you…Remember the Prince of Egypt who wanted to take me home to Mom as soon as he’d met me and  Lonely Emo, who was crazy in love with me one moment and accusing me of robbing him the next? Yeah, not boyfriend material, let alone up to baby daddy standard.
  2. Rejection is a bitch but totally surmountable…Ah, dear Mr Instinctual Convergence, if it wasn’t for you, I’d never have learnt how to fully embrace the “F*** it! Next!” lifestyle. Life is too short to mope about the guy who doesn’t want to get all up in my awesome Wyrdness.
  3. Sometimes, rejecting others was a necessity…From the stalkers who were dangerously close to getting a restraining order issued to their creepy asses to the indecent proposals and corny one liners, I quickly learnt how to say thanks, but hell no!
  4. Being a bad girl every now and again is good for the soul…Flirting with random strangers and kissing international hotties once in a while did me the world of good. If nothing else, it reminded me that I was young, attractive and perfectly capable of finding The One or The One Right Now when necessary.
  5. Having friends who believe in you and your cause is important…I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up on the whole dating thing ,especially after yet another creepy speed date event or oversharing cyber mate but your Spirit Mother and Uncle T were always right there to talk some sense into my defeatist head with their inspirational stories and loving support.
  6. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely …One of the key lessons I’d learnt in 2015 was that being alone and being comfortable with it was ok. Having quality me-time was an important part of figuring out who I was and what I wanted in a future partner. I’m so glad I figured that out …FINALLY!
  7. I can ignore idiotic jibes about my singleton status …Those relatives and strangers who think they have the right to comment on my singledom with their cruel remarks? F**k them, they’re not the boss of me! They’re just jealous of my awesomeness anyway!
  8. Turning 30 wasn’t the end of the world …I’d freaked out a lot in the lead up to my 30th, convinced that I would never get over a broken heart, meet your father and have you. The fact that you’re here, listening to my wacky tales means I managed to chill the f*** out and go with the flow. Dating in my 30s turned out to be a lot less stressful and tons of fun.

Kids, I was so close to meeting your dad and finally having you, I could almost taste it but I was no longer super stressed about it. I somehow knew that 2016 would be a good, amazing year of destined meetings just waiting to happen.

We’ll pick up the How I Met Your Father adventures on Tuesday 5 January, 2016.

How I Met Your Father: The Set-Up Man Part 2


Kids, in December 2015, I finally met up with Impala Fanatic (you remember, the set-up man my friend Anthea was so eager to have me meet), on a double date at the V&A Waterfront’s Quay Four.

As I got ready for this date at home, I actually felt a momentary feeling of excitement – the one I’ve seen in countless movies where the girl is looking in the mirror, applying make-up and dancing to music. Finally, it seemed to be happening to me…


After a crazy dash to the restaurant, I frantically looked around for my little group and, as Anthea said, Impala Fanatic saw me and immediately recognised me … aw!

Conversation flowed easily – he was funny, articulate, nice to the waitress, a real gentleman ( save for some off-kilter sexist jokes about how I must know how to cook because he likes to eat – sorry, dude, my oven is used as more of a decorative piece but you go on dreaming there, son)  – and I settled into my first post-30 date.

I wasn’t nervous but I wasn’t bored either. I realised that whatever else this may or may not turn out to be, I was having fun, spending the night talking and socialising with like-minded folk. With no pressure placed on me by myself or anyone in the group, this was the most fun I’d had on a date in a while.

As the evening progressed, and he was leaning more and more into my space as well as placing his hand in the lower middle of my back, I was proud of myself for now finally being able to recognise when a guy was into me … yay me!

Fast forward to two weeks later and there hadn’t been a peep out of Impala Fanatic, despite how well the date had gone. Did I fret about it and anxiously check my phone every 2 minutes? No, because you know, whatever…  we’re adults and we’re busy and maybe he’s just not that into me, and that’s ok.


The urgency that had seemed to dominate my twenties around dating and finding your father dissipated somewhat after turning 30 … besides, there were plenty more fish in the sea and lucky for you, one of them was your Dad😉

How I Met Your Father: 30 and a week of the good, the bad and the ugly

Kids, as the saying goes, in life only three things are certain: death, change and taxes.

The week after my 30th and return from Mauritius, I had a brush with all three. Since I hate them equally, you can imagine how utterly delighted I was they decided to show up at the same time … not.

These things, I know, were part of being an adult but who the hell decided I was ready to do that, huh?

icant adult

I won’t bore you with the monotony of taxes … suffice it to say that e-filing, as we old folk called it back then, did NOTHING to simply the goddamn painful process, so let’s move on to the other two.

Change …

After switching gears between a highly stressful job and a more relaxed one in 2014, I had committed myself to spending more time with our family, my friends, potential partners and two projects I was involved with.

For a while, I felt like I could expertly manage all of them – and I did. But, as the year progressed, I felt myself becoming increasingly short-tempered and spread too thin between everything, leaving very little time for that precious commodity I was harping on about last week – me time.

I agonised for months about what to let go of and fretted about how it would impact certain relationships. Needless to say there were plenty of sleepless nights and bargaining with the Universe for energy, more time, Channing Tatum showing up to ease my stress the Magic Mike way ( oh, quit the eye rolling, you guys!)  etc to help make my decisions easier.

magic mike gif.gif

I hate change with a deadly passion and nothing unsettles me more than the not knowing what happens next. The indecisiveness drives me absolutely crazy and I would rather know for certain one way or another that what needs to be done is done than living in the in-between forever.

As it turns out, when the death brush happened, making the change choice was a no-brainer. Nowhere close to easy, of course, but ridiculously simple and a relief.

Death …

In the week after turning 30, I was faced with the realization of my own mortality in two successive and painful blows.

Not only did I have a mammogram, which briefly caused alarm but your great-grandfather’s health took a really bad turn for the worst.

I’ll tell you about the boob-squeezing mammogram next time (dudes, appreciate the fact that I did my best to ensure my lady pillows were in tip top shape for your arrival!) but for now, let’s talk about Pa.

He’d been a diabetes-sufferer for all of my life but somehow, after your great-grandma died, it just seriously took over his body. By mid-2015, he could no longer move about without a walking stick and in late November, he’d completely lost the use of his legs. His arms looked set to follow the same route soon.

I’d known he was ill, of course, and rushed off to see him at Groote Schuur hospital the Monday after my island holiday, when the diagnosis of irreversible nerve damage  was handed down to him  but seeing how frail he was a mere week later really, really got to me.

As your aunt Sam and I massaged oils and lotions into his now stiff legs and ever-thinning body, I could barely contain my tears and I didn’t dare speak because I knew my voice would betray the depth of my grief.

Faz and Pa

This is the man who raised, fed, clothed, educated, disciplined and loved me for most of my life.  A man who had always been the most powerful force in my tiny universe and whom I had spent a lot of time angry at because I didn’t think he loved me enough or as much as he loved my sisters. I know now that wasn’t true – he loved us all differently because we were so different.

The fact that we didn’t share the same blood was never an issue– he’d been my granddad from my first moment and no one could have done more for my siblings and I than he did. He loved us as he had loved our father before us.  The greatest lesson I’d ever learnt from him was that family wasn’t always blood.

Pa was the UB40 –loving, Frank Sinatra –singing, Vienna smoortjie (spread) – making goofy grandpa of my childhood; the believer of my teenage studying dreams and my voice of young adult reasoning. The idea of further adulting without him just didn’t bear thinking about.

But I wasn’t ready to let him go and I was seriously pissed off at the Universe. We’d barely gotten over Mama’s loss  – what fucking right did the gods have to want to take the only father figure I’d truly known away from me now?!

So, I got mad – Hulk mad – at the sheer bloody audacity of the Fates to do this to my family and I twice in the space of two years and at the unfairness of it all. How the heck were we supposed to be adults and responsible about this when the grown-ups in our lives were dying all the time, huh?

hulk mad

For me, being angry was a hell of a lot easier that being sad. The sadness at seeing my grandfather so very weak and knowing the inevitability thereof, just broke me, kids.

When faced with the loss of someone you love, all of the other things in your life pale in comparison. I knew now what was important – spending as much time as possible with Pa and making good memories with him…. I freaking love you, Percival x

Next week on How I Met Your Father: Getting felt up for all the right reasons in all the wrong ways – a scan by scan mammogram story.


How I Met Your Father: The Art of Going Solo and Things I Love to Do

Kids, after spending a week with family and friends on an island for my 30th, I realised something profound about myself – I liked being alone.


As in, I couldn’t get enough of having me time and was especially grumpy if I didn’t get adequate supplies of it. Which, considering I was knee-deep in the search for your father, posed quite the dilemma. How was I ever going to be a part of a couple if I loved being alone?

I was perplexed and frustrated with myself about this for a while until I realised that actually, being comfortable being alone is okay. Too often, I’d see people in relationships who were lonelier being part of a twosome than I was being single and they were miserable! I wanted to meet your dad- desperately, it’s true – but not enough to give up all of my glorious freedom just yet.

Not everyone was as comfortable with being alone as I was…. In fact, I got a microscopic view once into one friend’s life who couldn’t go one day without freaking out about eating alone or checking their social media platforms for validation from their online peers. Watching this person physically ache for company because they couldn’t just be one with themselves tired me and made me appreciate my ability to rock the solo vibe all the more.

Maybe it was the wisdom that comes with turning 30 (more likely all of the Mojitios I was ingesting!) or maybe it took me seven days in the constant company of others to realise that to be a part of a successful pair, you need to be a successful single first.

me time hammock

As I gazed out towards the gorgeous coastline from my hammock, sipping a Pina Colada or three, I made a list of all of the solo activities I loved doing and which I was determined to do more of before (and after) I welcomed you and your dad into my life and which I would gladly encourage others to do too:

  • Dine alone, whilst gazing out at a beautiful view: it helps me appreciate the silence, the food and the wonders of nature without having to make meaningless conversation with someone else when I don’t feel like it.
  • Go see a movie whenever I want: Not everyone has similar movie tastes (I ADORE horror movies and anything with Alexander Skarsgard so I usually rock those alone.I also dig really bad movies that everyone else hates and since your Spirit Godmother Leo does too, we do this together occasionally), so if I really, really want to see something, I’ll go see it and hog the popcorn and chocolates to myself!
  • Read a captivating book: I know I’ve instilled in you the importance of reading – not only does it open new worlds for you, it’s a great way to spend quality time with yourself. And no, you are not being rude when reading in company you’d rather not have. Sooner or later, the person will get the message and bugger off (hopefully).
  • Be a couch potato: Sometimes all I wanted to do was switch off my phone, shut my door and have a True Blood or Games of Thrones series marathon without having to speak to another human being or take their fragile feelings into account … and you know what? That was ok. Like they say in the flight attendant instructional video: “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first – THEN you can help others”. Similarly, you have to spend time with yourself before spending time with others.
  • Have a solo picnic or beach day: Guys, my best parts of these kinds of days is just lazing about, watching the tide come in or listening to children squeal with laughter around me but not needing to physically be a part of it all. It’s a great reminder that we all play a part in a much bigger picture.
  • Go to an event alone: In October 2015, for various reasons I attended Zombie Walk solo and I still had a shitload of fun.

Faz Zombie 1.PNG

I ran into other friends I didn’t expect to see and that was great, but the best part was striking up conversations with strangers who shared the same passion as I did. I learnt so much more about people and myself and that there was a whole new set of weirdos for me to get to know.

Going solo to events make you step out of your comfort zone and meet new people – who  knows if one of those not-so-handsome undead could have been your dad?😉

What it boils down to is this, kids: I couldn’t wait to meet your dad and have you but until then, I was perfectly happy rocking my solo act like the fabulous and flirty thirty-year-old that I was!





How I Met Your Father: The Truth about My 30th Freak-Out

Kids, the week leading up to my 30th birthday, my loved ones were super excited about planning my various parties and our impending island getaway … me, I was having the worst freak-outs I’d had since my teens.


I didn’t talk about it often back then, but I was what you’d call a functioning depressive – I could go about daily activities, be social and interactive during the day and laugh along with everyone else, but when I was alone, I had intense freak-outs, endless insomnia and really, really black moods.

I got why everyone was so excited, and I appreciated their efforts, I truly did. So yes, for the most part I faked it as far as I could, hoping that at some point their excitement would infect me.

I know you’re wondering why, in particular, I was feeling this way and that surely, a milestone birthday is something to celebrate, right? It was, but very simply, I was depressed because my life looked nothing like I thought it would be and here’s why ….

1999 …

I was 13-years-old and in love for the first time. Zunaid, a year younger than me but way more experienced if all of the school gossip was to be believed, was as in love with me as I was with him and life was beautiful.

My Chocolate Boy
My Chocolate Boy

In that way that characterises all first puppy loves, I spent a year of bliss indulging in super long landline phone calls (uh, if you want to know what landline phones are, ask your Nan); spending hours getting lost in those chocolate baby brown eyes of his and revelling in the fact that I was dating the hottest guy at school and he was nuts about me.

So nuts, in fact, that he once pulled down his school pants to show off the teddy bear covered satin boxers I’d given him for Valentine’s Day to the entire school body …yes, yes, I know, eeuww Mom!

Young love burns bright and fast and Zunaid and I were no different. Our hours-long conversations always revolved around how we were going to get married and have …wait for it …FIFTEEN kids! How we were ever going to afford that many children with barely high school qualifications to our names was anybody’s guess but hey, the dreams of the young, huh?

Naturally, because I was going through a bit of a bad girl phase and Zunaid, my Chocolate Boy, was the definition of a bad boy (have I mentioned that he stabbed his cousin, my ex-boyfriend, because he’d dared to mention he was thinking about getting me back? Yeah, my honey sure loved me!), all of the adults in my life was against this relationship from the onset.

And I can’t blame them – we did get caught making out while my male best friend set the school field on fire in a jealous rage, because he was in love with me and I was in love with Zunaid. So much drama, so little time.

In an effort to set me back on the straight and narrow, your great-grandparents sent me back to live with my mother and attend a Model C school in the Southern Suburbs.  They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and for a while Zunaid and I tried to make a go of it (weekend reunions were oh so bitter sweet!) but six months later, we lost touch and I was heart-broken for the very first time.

So utterly devastated but without the maturity and the words to explain how I was feeling, I had the first of my teenage depression sessions … I won’t lie, suicide came up a time or two. I started seeing my school guidance councillor and we worked on easing my depression through writing, performing as part of the school drama clubs and making captain on my debating team.

But the loss of the future I would now never have, the life and love of a guy who felt the same way about me and the children we’d never create together would haunt me for a while still…

Until I met He Who Shall Not Be Named …


There had been crushes after Zunaid and short lived dalliances with guys in clubs, friends of friends, blind group dates and the like but I hadn’t truly fallen in love again because I thought I’d lost my soul mate.

When into the darkness of my blackest moods came the blonde, blue-eyed He Who Shall Not Be Named. So very different from anyone I had ever known before, it took a few months of him dogging my every step, showing up unexpectedly in places, eager to claim my space and company for his own to the exclusion of anyone else before I let my guard down long enough to let him in.

For a year, I fell hopelessly and utterly in love, down and down in the spiral of headiness you try your best to run away from but can’t. Much like your Uncle T said about the one he love and lost, when you are that in love, every moment lasts a lifetime, every gaze feels as if the world has melted away and there is only the two of you in a bubble.

He Who Shall Not Be Named and I became masters at making other people uncomfortable when they were around us because we’d be talking and then just let sentences taper off while we gazed adoringly at each other, not hearing when others spoke to us or caring.

There is no other way to describe the way I felt about him other than he was my drug of choice. When I was with him, I was high, so very, heart-achingly high with the depth of my feelings for him, it took my breath away. With Zunaid, I knew logically I wanted his children but with He Who Shall Know Be Named, my body physically ached for it just watching him be gentle with other kids.


And the way our bodies were attuned to each other was insane. We could be at opposite ends of a crowded room, not realising the other was there and suddenly, we’d be right next to each other, perfectly aligned. Naïve as I was, I took his irrational possessiveness and stalker-like tendencies to be proof that he felt the same about me.

But Life and the Universe are cruel and bitter hags. There was always a touch of the effeminate about my love and though I rallied against all evidence of it and endured cruel mocking by some of our so-called friends, eventually He not so much as said it outright as started acting it when in my company.

It would take another ten years for me to accept that he was gay and that I would once again have to say goodbye to the future I envisioned for us of marriage and children that looked like him. My emotional wounds would be ripped open over and over again over those ten years because he could never leave me and things well enough alone – always veering between wanting to be my gay best friend and re-staking his claim on me possessively. It was a lot like sitting on the Iron Throne and getting cut every time. Leona Lewis was right …


He Who Shall Not Be Named was still a part of my life for a long time and a constant reminder that I had been so utterly idiotic, it was inconceivable but I often wondered about Zunaid and whether, if I had just stuck it out, I’d have been happy, married and with child every year…. If wishes were horses, right?

What’s my point, I hear you ask, and what exactly has this got to with my freak out? Well, a lot actually. As the countdown to my 30th began, I was single and twice bitterly disappointed by love. I was utterly morose and convinced more than ever, that true love would not be a part of my future and consequently, neither would you …

And I wanted you, my babies, more than anything, more than life … I wanted you.

My misadventures as a single creative writer in the Mother City

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